Why most mass shooter are men?

A recent report published by The Violent Project revealed that 98% of crimes are generally committed by men. The violent project is a United States nonpartisan research group that investigates the shooting data. This research depicts that men are usually the most mass shooter across the globe.

Gun violence has been a major and widespread issue across the globe over some years. Several theories and arguments explain that in what ways men are the generally most mass shooter across the globe. One evident reason behind this phenomenon is that men tend to externalize their issues and hurdles and look for people to blame, which can eventually translate into anger and violence (Duxbury, 2018).

If we further explore the reasons behind the statement we come to know that easy access and proliferation of guns is also an important reason behind increasing mass shooters’ activities. Men generally as compare to women have easy access to guns.

The proliferation of guns has been a topic of debate and concern as well in developed countries over some years. A sudden rise can be seen in the gun violence activities in the United States and United Kingdom (Yelderman, L. A, 2019). Men usually live in a fear which is largely generated by the community.

The role of the community is also very important in promoting gun-based cultures. In most countries of Africa, a proper culture related to gun violence exists. But these mass shooters are mostly men in developed and also in non-developed countries and communities at the same time.

Another reason behind this dramatic rise in gun violence is mental illness. And this is an evident factor that men often suffer more in issues like mental illness compared to women (Shultz, 2014). Various reports issued by health officials revealed that mental problems are intricate in men.

These mental problems create stress in men and they do such activities. Another explanation of Carl Armstrong helps to understand the fact that why most mass shooters are men. He was of the view that mass shootings require certain resources. These resources include access to guns, vehicles, a proper location to make plans, and mobility as well.

Then he compares men with women and illustrates that men do have all these resources. And this was the major reason behind the fact that most mass shooters were men. It can also be explored that why this culture of gun violence is increasing at a greater rate in countries like United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Male proportion in these countries is also a reason that why these activities are largely associated with men. There exist a conception among men that they are entitled to certain issues and things in life and they are not likely to achieve those things. And this thing leads to mental instability among men. In conclusion, it can be summed up that there are several reasons behind the fact that why most mass shooters are men.

These factors include access to resources, mental illness, impacts of community, and proliferation of weapons. Men are usually more concerned about the future and it creates some kind of strain in them. Women, on the other hand, are less responsible for future concerns in most communities and societies of the World. CWP

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