What Is The Common Social Issue In The Community?

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The community is always facing never-ending social issues. Social issues are rising day by day. People are dealing with these social issues and trying hard to solve them in their way. Every day a new issue stands up; with the outburst of coronavirus, the social problems of the modern world have been increased.

There are countless social issues; every country, religion, and society has social issues. The united states are facing black lives matter, which is a serious social issue, and the list goes on and on. It is hard to put together the most common problem in society and its solution.

Still, we have compiled some of the most common social issues in the community that almost every society faces these days. First, we will discuss what are social ills?

What is the contemporary social problem?

The social problem is a matter that society recognizes as a common problem faced by their community and prevents them from functioning at a precise level. Social problems affect every person in society.

There is a big difference between social and economic problems, but all these problems affect the community directly. It is important to understand that all the things in society are not social problems.

How to characterize a social problem?

We have to understand that everything rises in not social issues. We first have to recognize a social problem. We should check some factors before declaring something as a social problem. The factor includes:

  • People should recognize the problem.
  • The problem should be against the values of society.
  • A large amount of the population should be affected by the problem.
  • The social problem should be rectified through the joint action of citizens or community resources.
  • The problem should burden the welfare system like teenage pregnancy.

Types of social problems:

There are different types of social problems faced world wild.

  • Economic issues
  • Social stratification
  • Public health
  • Age discrimination
  • Education and public school
  • Work and occupation
  • Social disorganization
  • Social inequality

Some common social issues:

As we have mentioned, what are social causes? Here we will discuss the most common social issues in our community.

Poverty and homelessness:

Poverty and homelessness are some of the most common social problems faced worldwide. According to the report of habitat for humanity, one-quarter of the world’s population lives in very bad conditions which harm their health and safety. Many people do not have shelter and basic things for survival. A large segment of the population faces the lack of shelter problem.

Because many people are dealing with poverty and homelessness, it has become a common social problem. Before outburst covid-19, around 10.7% of the population was facing hunger regularly, but this rate is increased after the coronavirus.

Homelessness is one of the biggest problems most countries face, like Australia, Azerbaijan, and Bangladesh. Our society is trying its best to find an immediate solution to this serious problem.


About 81 million people add annually to the world. The world is facing the problem of overpopulation. The rate of birth is increasing rapidly. Overpopulation is the cause of other major social problems like unemployment, poverty, and hunger. The report of the united nation says that the rate of population will rise in coming decades. Overpopulation is considered the most effective social problem that directly damages the community.

Many developing countries like America are facing the overpopulation problem. If the population keeps rising, the people need to move to other planets. China’s government has imposed the one-child policy to avoid homelessness, starvation, and unemployment caused by overpopulation. People believe we should design a population control mechanism to eliminate this social problem.

Climate change:

Climate change is also considered a social problem as it affects many people. Climate change means warmer winter, extreme rainfall events, and severe storms, which the world is experiencing. Many homeless people do not dare to deal with frequent climate change. Climate change is the most divesting issue which the world has ever faced.

This issue puts a lot of stress on the government in many countries, the snowstorms in America nowadays are unbearable for the government, and they are figuring a way out. Climate change destroys homes, roads, buildings, and transportation, directly affecting the country’s economy.

Climate change and poverty are deeply intertwined because climate change disproportionately affects emerging countries. We should stop rising pollution to prevent climate change, as pollution negatively affects the global climate.

Women improvement:

The women’s improvement is an extreme issue world wild. Women are fighting for their rights all over the world. There is a big gap between women’s and men’s salaries in many countries. Nowadays, women are taking part in every aspect of society.

Society is not giving women proper rights. According to the UNICEF report, 12 million girls get married before adulthood, and 98 million girls do not even get a chance to attend school.

Women participate in society, whether a general task or political affairs. Women have proven that they are non-other them. Society should do gender quality and consider women’s rights a social problem. The world should seriously pay attention to women’s improvement because the world is nothing without a woman.

Health care availability:

If a person is sick or hurt, his first concern will be access to medical care, but many people do not obtain needed medical care because of the high cost. Health care availability is a big issue in our society.

Millions of people worldwide do not have access to quality health care services. People face the problem of health regularly, but they do not have a proper place where they can reach to get better. In Africa, people are dying daily due to some serious disease, and they do not have proper treatment for these death-causing diseases.

Government and non-profit organizations are working hard to deal with this challenge. They are trying that everyone can have access to high-quality medical care. Still, according to the CDC (centers of diseases control and prevention), 97 million people worldwide cannot access health care services.


At the end of 2019, new death-causing diseases were introduced world wild. In a very short period, the corona was spread worldwide from China.

This disease is called coronavirus, and its scientific name is covid-19. They struggled hard to fight against the disease and made an eco-friendly vaccine. As the disease spread from person to person, its vaccine was really important.

After discovering vaccines, the world was facing a lack of vaccine problems. The vaccine was not available in many countries, so it became a social problem. The community is working and producing more vaccines to finish this social problem.


Is society fixing the common social problem in our community?

All the government, communities, and corporations are trying to fix our society’s most common social problems. Schools are implementing anti-bulling programs to prevent the students from bullying. Communities are working to stop childhood obesity.

Governments are working to increase their health care availability. Other than this, many contraries are trying to reduce pollution by planting more trees to avoid climate change.

Does the student face any social issues?

Yes, a student in educational institutes faces various issues. Rape is very common among students; students have been raped by their seniors or teachers very early. Other than some social like sex education, early age pregnancy, abortion.

One of the most viral and common issues among students is immigration. Immigration is a social problem that students who want to study abroad do not get a visa.

Is bullying is a social issue?

Bulling is a very impactful social issue. In America, 20% of students are being bullied. As a large segment of people is facing this problem, then bullying is a social issue. Many people are being bullied online also.

Schools and communities are implementing anti-bullying programs in schools and society to stop this issue. In countries like Pakistan, bullying is very common, but they do not take bullying seriously. Bulling can also cause some other social problems like stress suicide.


There are thousands of social problems world wild. We should raise awareness of this topic because many people are unaware of our society’s problem. Although we have discussed the most common social problem, the list is too long.

It was challenging to select a few of them because the list goes on and on. From the sun’s rise, a new social problem is rising. Do we talk about what a social concern is? I hope this article helps you. CWP

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