What Burglars Don’t Want You To Know

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Since the world and technology are getting advanced and improved with time, so do the thieves, robbers, and burglars. In the era of smart technology, we need to pay keen attention to various factors that can impact the safety of our assets and belongings. Each year a large number of people face financial losses caused by burglars.

Facing financial loss is the worst thing, but along with that comes the trauma of facing the same situation, which can stay for years or even until your whole life. However, you can take some safety measures to keep your belongings and assets safe from these uninvited guests. Here, we will discuss common mistakes that people make to give a better chance to burglars to rob their homes.

So, without further ado, let’s find out what burglars don’t want you to know at any cost to ensure their safety and your bad.

Things That No Burglar Wants Home Owners To Know

The profession of burglars is quite impressive for giving great financial returns, and the best part is there is the least chance of getting caught. As per records, less than sixteen percent of burglars get caught in any case. So, after various case studies, we’ve collected these points that burglars commonly utilize to rob any house conveniently.

Mirror In Front Of Entrance

We all love to see ourselves right after stepping inside the home, no matter how tired and lost we may look, but each person unintentionally stands in front of the mirror for a moment. But do you know if that mirror is placed where anyone can see it from outside the window, it can be an invite for new-to-profession robbers?

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Of course, it doesn’t require the person to be experienced enough to hit in a house where he can observe the timing of people going out and the interior is visible to them. Many people have a mirror placed right in front of the home entrance. The outsiders can peep inside when you open the door or in front of a window. Please relocate it to some other place.

That Hidden Key

It is another cute act of many people to keep a spare key outside the house to avoid any inconvenience if any family member forgets it. Not only burglars, but each of us knows the places where most people hide keys. They can be in the plant pot, under the floor mat, hung over the ringing bell (in case you have that gorgeous vintage-styled bell), etc.

Trying to hide keys outside the house is not a smart practice, as it can cause more loss than bring convenience. So make sure not to leave keys anywhere where somebody else can find them if he searches.

Home Left Alone

A funny thing that previous research reports state is that most robbery cases take place in summers. Even though it sounds funny, the last seventeen years report that people usually go to celebrate holidays and picnics more often. It is something that most professionals seek and consider an empty house to be the best target.

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Of course, it’s not like you should not go on vacations with family, but at least you need to install hidden cameras or security alarms for your safety. If a mishap happens, there will be a chance to track those morons who break into your house.

Bathroom Guy

Don’t let that stranger use your bathroom no matter what. Somebody you’ve called to fix the issue with your doorbell or garden chairs or anything in the yard won’t rob when doing the job. However, allowing them to use the bathroom inside the home can check everything he needs when walking from the yard to the bathroom.

It allows them to observe all the stuff smartly while playing innocent, and in addition, they can also undo or loosen the screws of the bathroom window for convenience in getting inside from there on their next visit.

Mails Piling Up On Door

When somebody’s not home, the emails that come by post can reveal it to the robbers to make them comfortable that family is away. In this case, we recommend asking your neighbor to keep the mail with them if they come for security purposes. You can also tell them to do the same when they would be out for a few days to minimize the risk to their safety.

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When some envelopes start to pile up one on another, it shows that family is away, so avoid that even if you’re home and lazy to pick them out. The reason is quite obvious if somebody has broken into the house thinking you’re not home and they find you sitting, they won’t go back. Instead, it will add danger by becoming a threat to expensive stuff and life.

Don’t Trust That New Guy In Society

It is the most difficult thing for many people to act rude to someone nice to us. But, it should be alarming when a new neighbor or the guests of your neighbor is extra nice and frank with you. If you observe that person wants you to take him home to enjoy chess or coffee or spend some good time, better do it at their place.

Never trust anyone as soon as you meet them but give it some time, and of course, a random person will never want to interfere in any neighbor’s life if their intentions are not bad.

Side-table Drawers Secret

It is the most common human psychic that we keep the most precious things closest to us to reach them without any issue. Almost every third person keeps their smartphone under the pillow or on the side table. But, when we talk about keeping keys to the car, locker, or any other costly stuff, most people mistake by keeping it in a side table’s drawer.

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It would help if you kept the keys anywhere, where nobody could think of. When talking about keys to the locker, you do not open that regularly to check your property papers or gold, etc. So, it’s better not to use the keys to ensure that the treasure is safe and in place every other day.

Don’t Disclose It All On Social Media

We know that it is not easy not to post on Instagram or Snapchat when you’re having an amazing time in the Maldives or Bora Bora with your spouse. It is not even justified to not post those amazing pictures of the gorgeous place and food on your social media, but you can at least wait until you’re back home.

This way, you will enjoy your holidays better without worrying attention to who liked your post or who saw your stories, but you can focus more on enjoying those moments and taking pictures for posting later. Useless to say, if you post them when enjoying the vacations will cause the risk of going through a mishap back home.

Install An Outdoor Security Camera

It is the most obvious and authentic precaution anyone can take to avoid the risk of robbery. When a camera or an alarm system is installed, it will keep the burglars away. It is not easy to come out of a house wearing a mask as this way, people in the surrounding can notice them, and they may get alert.

On the other side, if they come like a random person, there will be a clear chance of them being caught by the cops. Even if they try to keep the face away from the camera, the height, physique, complexion, and hair can reveal the identity.

Get Yourself A Brave Dog

There is one specialty in dogs when they’re good, they’re best, but they become the worst piece of a nightmare when they’re bad. It is common for most burglars that they do not like dogs because dogs have a habit of not getting bribed, unlike humans, and staying loyal to their owners (unlike humans).

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So, if you keep a dog outside the home, that will keep the burglars away. Also, dogs can sense any suspicious action quicker than anything, making them the perfect option to keep your house safe.


When talking about the safety of a house, there have been a lot of things that are found to be similar in various robbery incidents. Most people become victims of robberies due to similar reasons most of the time. If you’re concerned about your or your loved ones’ safety, avoid most people’s mistakes and become robbery victims.

We have discussed all the most common human behaviors that most people unintentionally do, which make them become affected by burglars. Hopefully, you will find it helpful.

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