Unused home repair products dangers

Before you tackle your next home repair project, take a minute to guarantee that the products on your shelf are safe to use. Every year, ratings of house owners and consumers are hurt or killed because they unknowingly utilize products that have actually been remembered by the producer and/or the United States Customer Item Security Commission (CPSC). Such recall efforts are frequently inefficient and go mostly undetected, up until it is far too late.

You might search the Internet for directions on the best ways to perform your home repair, but do you inspect to see if the unused products in your home are still safe? When you buy a brand-new item, you would hope that the store has eliminated recalled products from their racks. When purchasing a product new to the marketplace, it is a good idea to search the internet for information about threats or issues experienced by other customers. Manufacturer remembers are routinely issued through product safety notifies and remember notices on TELEVISION, radio, paper and Internet websites, in addition to the CPSC’s website. Be proactive about keeping yourself assessed of item security concerns.

Tile Perfect Stand ‘N Seal Tile Grout Sealer is a fine example of a product that can present a health danger to customers. The product was recalled in August 2005 due to the item’s smell not being chemically pungent enough to force consumers to decrease their exposure to fumes. People who have actually experienced too much exposure have actually looked for medical attention for coughing, inflammation, breathing problems, dizziness and disorientation. There are even reports of death from the item. And while the remembered units were to be pulled from Home Depot shelves in August 2005, numerous consumers were able to buy the item after the recall date. While this item has been recalled, numerous property owners may still have this product on their workshop shelves and might sustain serious injuries if they utilize the remaining contents. If you have this aerosol item, do not use it. Return it to the Home Depot, for a full refund.

Be Proactive and Stay Informed. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) site (www.cpsc.gov) offers information on more than 15,000 kinds of consumer products that provide unreasonable risks of major injury and death. They likewise note over 4,000 product recalls and remember informs. Look for recall notifications in stores such as Home Depot and Lowes to remain notified. Prior to you begin your next home repair job with that unused home repair product, take an additional minute to secure your health by looking for product remembers. CWP

By Mary Cotton

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