Top 10 Security Risks in Today’s Smart Home

There is no doubt that smart home devices have changed our lives completely and offer multiple benefits. But at the same time, home automation offers a couple of threats as well.

The major reason for these risks is the lack of information. Though user manuals are available, they do not provide enough information about security devices. Everyone gets these security devices without any surety that these devices would be safe for them or not. For instance, many devices are very easy to hack, and criminals can see inside your house without any problem.

Though home automation and security devices seem to be an ideal choice, it may surprise you that they are not safe to use. Anyone can track your security devices, and steal your personal information, get to know about your usage patterns, and as well as can get all the data.

As all of these smart home devices are controlled by your main internet account, every device is at great risk. Therefore, anyone can easily steal your personal information, emails or hack your social media accounts. In many cases, it has also been observed that the criminals also hack the smartphone.

As for smart home security concerns, it is highly recommended to take some smart steps, share very little information and keep your devices updated. Otherwise, you may have to face painful circumstances.

Do you want to know the risk associated with smart technology? Get through this article and know everything you want.

Risk Associated With Smart Technology Used In Networked Devices

Suppose you are thinking about home automation or want to improve your current security system. Then you need to look at the following security risks that your home may face due to smart home security devices.

Targeted Attacks

Data privacy is one of the major smart home security concerns. You are well aware that data is continuously stored, transmitted, and processed. So, there are huge chances that someone may steal your data and use it against you.

It may surprise you all of your activities or data is transferred to the companies without your permission.

For instance, different devices, including lighting systems, HVAC systems, connected printers, thermostats, and speakers, store your data shared between different companies without your permission. Therefore, try to dispose of your cache data as soon as possible. It could be a great risk if you keep the data for a long time while it is no longer needed.

Smart home devices store all of your information, from your date of birth to your credit card details. And therefore, cyber-criminals can steal this information very easily and can use your personal information against you. For instance, by stealing your personal information, the criminals can ask you for money and act as your family members.

Identity Theft

There are many situations where a cyber-criminal, instead of attacking a specific person or personal attacks, will attack the whole network. For instance, several incidents have happened in the past where the hackers attacked the company and exposed the data of multiple users.

After getting all of your crucial and personal information, the criminals can apply for credit cards using your information. In other words, these cyber-criminals can completely change your life.

AI And Automation

IoT devices are getting more and more into our lives, and thus, for now, they have an essential part of our lives.

As you know, millions of home security devices are in use at the present day, as everyone tries to get an automated home. Due to the high number of users, the companies face severe difficulties during data handling or data transfer.

Though companies use different types of advanced devices to transfer the data, the security officers break the rules and get to know all of your secrets. So, it would be best to consider all of these security concerns before getting the home security devices.

Password Exploitation

Just keep in mind that weak passwords or one-factor authentication can make all of your IoT devices vulnerable. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep your crucial information secure with strong passwords.

Keeping yourself safe from all types of threats and other attacks always uses strong passwords, especially for WiFi. In most cases, the smart hub connects all the security devices of a home and usually secures them with a weak password. Therefore, most cyber-criminals can crack these passwords very easily and control all the security devices.

In many cases, the hackers turn on and off the light or other devices to tease the homeowners. On they can change the TV channels and pretends to be a ghost. Therefore, to keep yourself protected, always use strong and more secure passwords.

Rogue Recordings

A rough device can act as a team member, or it can also replace the original member. These types of devices can very easily break all the perimeters and collect sensitive information.

For instance, digital assistance always listens to your commands carefully. But do you know that hackers also listen to your conversation? Moreover, the hacker can also break the security loops and can issue his commands.

Delete all of your data or other stored recordings to keep yourself protected from all of these criminals.

Lack Of Physical Hardening

It is very important to keep all of your home security devices secure physically as well. For the physical protection of your devices, you can also get motion sensors or cameras. Remember that if you do not protect your devices, it can cause multiple security issues for you.

Such devices are always vulnerable to external threats, and anyone can attack these devices and steal sensitive information very easily. Moreover, the devices are also at great risk of malware.

Out Of Date Software

Outdated software is always one of the weak points from a cyber-criminal who can easily get the entry. As soon as the hackers get an entry, they can get complete control over all the devices.

It should be your top priority to keep all of your home security devices protected. Update them regularly as soon as a new update becomes available.

Updates are very necessary for the proper functioning of all of your security devices. And as soon as new updates, try to get them. It is very necessary to run your devices smoothly without any risk or threat. However, companies provide you the devices with the latest software.

Data Manipulation

Hackers or cyber-criminals are very trained in hijacking. They are so well-trained that they will never leave any evidence behind. The criminals transfer the data so smartly. They then use the data to alter the video feed or change the data collected by your devices.

It is a very interesting and different way to attack your home security. In this way, anyone can easily break into your home and can get all of your suspicious conversations very easily.


Ransomware is one of the very new threats which your home security devices have been facing. Through this malware, the hacker can limit your access to the devices. The criminal will never affect the files or will never destroy them.

The cyber-criminal aims to hack your access and then demand a fee. The criminal used to block the access through encryption, and as you pay to him, he unlocks all the files. The basic purpose of hackers is to limit the functionality of the devices.

It is very rare but getting common with time. But how would you feel if you would not get access to your device without paying the fee?

Location Tracking

Smart care is very necessary to keep your information safe and secure. For example, whenever you click on a malicious link, you give away to the clever hackers to access all of your information. Besides it, hackers can also access your personal information like where you live, what you do, and much more.

But as soon as the criminals get your personal information, the situation becomes scary. The criminals can control cars, locate your location, and expose you to multiple lethal crimes.

Several cases have occurred in the past, where the owners have faced very serious situations. The criminals are very clever, and they can get your address, phone number, and much more and then begin to threaten the owners.


What Are The Dangers Of Smart Homes?

The following are the risks that most of the users face:

  • Users can develop hearts diseases
  • The homeowners cannot sleep peacefully
  • One cannot focus
  • You may face urinary problems

Do Smart Homes Cause Cancer?

Due to the RF radiations, there is a chance that you might develop cancer. Therefore, if you live in an automated home with multiple smart home devices, you are at a higher risk of developing cancer.

How Far Away Should You Sleep From a Smart Meter?

You should maintain a distance of about 40-foot from smart devices while sleeping. As the radio frequency travels for a long distance, you maintain the smart meter’s distance. Secondly, if there are walls or any other abstraction, then there would not be that much harm to you.

Do Smart Meters Affect WiFi?

Well, as you know, all the smart devices are connected through WiFi. So, the poor performance of WiFi is the only issue most users face with Smart meters. And many cases, the WiFi may collapse completely as well.

Final Thoughts

All the smart home devices are connected through the internet. There is no doubt all of these devices bring comfort to your life, but at the same time, they also threaten your security.

So, not only for smart home security concerns but to keep yourself protected from all of these security risks, do not share a lot of information, specifically your personal information.

Furthermore, never forget to up-dates your smart security devices and monitor them on and off to make sure that no one outside is thieving your personal information.

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