The mission of FBI community outreach—the only non-investigative program in the Bureau—is to provide a comprehensive response to multiple interrelated societal problems, such as crime, drugs, gangs, and violence. Linking community service, prevention, and law enforcement is a national trend, as grassroots efforts have brought about federal support for public safety initiatives. Springfield personnel have joined this national movement, volunteering in a wide variety of community related efforts.

Left to right: Citizens’ Academy students in the classroom and watching a SWAT demonstration.

CA Springfield Division
FBI Citizens’ Academy Class of 2011

Recognizing the interdependency of children, parents, other adults, community groups, businesses, schools, and social and health services, we focus our outreach efforts in three areas: the community, the schools, and the workplace. We accomplish this by sponsoring or supporting the following:

The FBI Citizens’ Academy;
The Community Relations Executive Training (CREST) Program;
The Director’s Community Leadership Award (DCLA);
Internet Safety Training, FBI Safe Online surfing ( SOS);
The National Night Out Campaign;
School mentoring;
National Crime Victims Rights Week;
The Terrorism Prevention Program;
Career days and career fairs;
Partnerships with minority groups and civic organizations; and
The Multi-Cultural Advisory Council, Central Illinois Hate Crimes Working Group.
Request for Public Speakers

speaker.jpgFBI Springfield offers public speakers on a limited basis on a variety of topics pertaining to the FBI’s investigative mission. When making a request, please include the following information.

The date, time, and place of presentation;
The approximate length of the presentation;
Specific topic(s) to be addressed;
The size and make-up of the audience (industry professionals, general public, students, etc.);
The deadline for response; and
Contact name, telephone, and e-mail address.
Send requests on letterhead via mail or email to:

FBI Springfield
Attn: Brad Ware, Community Outreach Specialist
900 East Linton Ave.
Springfield , IL 62703
Phone: (217) 757-3542
E-mail: bradley.ware@ic.fbi.gov

Please allow one month’s advance notice for all speaker requests. All requests are subject to availability.

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