Safety Tips for Women

Being a woman, you should know the best safety tips when you are alone somewhere? If you don’t, this article will be pretty helpful for you. Every year thousands of women are harassed, but it is time to end that cycle. The women of our society should be well equipped to encounter such issues.

I have seen women taking self-defense classes, and I think that’s good. They will learn to encounter people bigger and stronger than them without any issues. I highly appreciate the women who go through it to learn self-defense, and so should you.

So let’s begin the article so you can know all the required tips for your safety.

Personal Safety Tips for Women

There are a few personal safety tips that you should follow in your daily life. Let me tell you about 5 of the most important ones.

Awareness of the surrounding

You should be aware of the surroundings at all times. The best way to be safe is awareness. Sometimes we start thinking something and lose track of our surroundings. It makes us a potential target.

Whenever you go out, come and look under and inside the car to see anyone already. If you don’t feel safe, get inside your car and quickly look at the door. If you are alone at home at any time, make sure to keep the doors locked.

Keep your hands and ears free

Whenever you are out of the house, don’t wear any headphones or hands-free to alert and know what is happening in your surroundings. The headphones can distract you, so it is recommended to be fully alert if you are out of the house alone.

Never stop your car

Never stop your car for a stranger because it is the most used tactic by criminals. If someone signals you to stop your vehicle, don’t do it as it can be perilous for you. But unfortunately, if you do, be ready to encounter them with pepper spray or anything else.

Change your routine regularly

It would help if you kept changing your routine and routes. The criminals usually observe the routines and routes of people ad when they find out the perfect pattern. They make them their potential target. But if you change the routine regularly, they won’t be able to identify your routine, and you won’t become the victim.

Safety for Women Living Alone

The women living alone are more vulnerable to thefts and robbery. If you live alone at home, you should follow these safety tips.

Buy an apartment in a Safe area

If you are a single woman, it is highly recommended that you find a secure society. Make sure that there is a security guard and there are no suspicious people around.

Before purchasing a particular property, thoroughly research the area to see if there is any suspicious activity and ultimately ensure that the place is secure for a woman living alone.

Install Home security tools

You should install home security systems to make your house safe and secure. You can install a security camera and a theft alarm. Whenever someone tries to break-in, you can quickly inform the police immediately.

One more thing that you can add to your security system is an electronic doorbell, so if someone comes at your door, you can know who it is from the inside.

Get to know your neighbors

The first thing that you do whenever you move to a new neighborhood is to know the neighbors. If you know more about the neighbors, you can depend on them during difficult times. They can also help you if you need them. Additionally, you can also have a good friend in the form of a neighbor if those people are good.

Make sure to check the doors are locked

Now and then, make sure to check that the doors are correctly locked. You can install automatic locks, so every time you forget to close the door, it automatically locks to make your house secure.

Ridesharing Safety for Women

Many ridesharing apps are secure, but it is advised that you follow a few safety tips to make those services more secure.

Always sit in the backseat

Whenever you hire a cab or an uber, always sit in the back seat. It makes it easy to encounter the driver if he tries to anything rash. You can also book a ride from apps specially made for women and those driven by a female.

Be aware of the surroundings and route

Make sure that you know the route. If you don’t know the route exactly, use Google maps to ensure that the driver is taking you to the right place. If you suspect anything, ask him to stop the car in a crowded place and then quickly get out of the car.

Report the driver if you feel uncomfortable

If you ever feel uncomfortable after a ride, remember to report the driver not to face such issues. These ridesharing apps have a reporting portal that you can use to describe and report the problem you have faced during the ride.

Check if the “child lock” is off

Before entering the car, check to see if the child lock is off. If you know that it is on, ensure that you turn it off so that you can get out of the car quickly in case of emergency.

Parking lot Safety for Women

You should know certain things while you are going to or out of a parking lot. These tips are:

Beware of the Hiding spots

When you go into the parking lot to get your car, be fully alert of the hiding spots. These spots can be behind a pillar or a vehicle. Ensure that you stay cautious of these spots and get inside your car as quickly as possible to stay safe.

Don’t get distracted

While you are going to your car, keep your ears free and be alert to the surroundings. Don’t talk to any stranger who approaches for any reason. These things will keep you safe in the parking lot even when you are alone.

Have pepper spray inside your purse

You should have pepper spray inside your bag so that if it sometimes tries to bounce on you or capture you, you can quickly encounter them. You can also learn self-defense to protect you from any potential threat.

Car Safety for Women

Women need to be safe while driving alone. You should follow these tips to drive your car alone safely.

Use GPS Technology

As the world has progressed, you should use the technologies for your safety. You can use GPS to see where you are and if you are headed in the right direction. Also, you can share your live location so that your family knows where you are.

Always check the backseat

Whenever you enter your car, check the backseat of our car. Many criminals hide in the backseat of your car even when you think it is locked. And when you enter the vehicle, they bounce on you, and you become a victim. So make this your habit of checking the backseat before entering the car.

Take care of Car Maintenance

You should take care of the maintenance of your car. It helps to keep your vehicle in optimum condition, and it won’t accidentally stop in the middle of nowhere. Regularly change the engine, keep the tires inflated and also keep a spare one for emergencies. Also, check the water in batteries so it doesn’t dry and causes issues.

Keep the doors locked

Keep the doors of your car locked so that no outsider can suddenly enter your car and attack you. Close and lock all the doors every time, so no harm comes your way. Also, make sure to keep your windows up on the traffic lights.


Can a woman take self-defense classes?

Yes, it is strongly recommended that all women take and learn self-defense. So that you would be ready to encounter it by all means, if any risk arises, you can find the nearest spot to your house where you can learn safely.

What to do if someone asks to get in the car at gunpoint?

By all means, hit the person using anything as hard as you can and then run away because what will happen after getting in the car is way worse than what will happen in that place. Many people have done this and survived potential damage.

What should I do if I feel someone is following me?

If you feel a stranger is following you, start walking quickly and notice if they walk quickly as well. Always try to carry pepper spray with you. If a situation like this arises, you can confront the person, spray it in his eyes, and run away.

What’s the first thing to do when I get into a rideshare service?

You should share your live location with friends and family members to know where you are headed. In this, you’ll know that your family or friends know exactly where you are, and it makes the ride safe.


Now that you know a lot about the safety tips you should adopt whenever you are alone at home, in a car, or a parking lot. These will help you keep yourself safe from harm. But it is not just the responsibility of the women themselves. But the people around them and their family and friends make them feel secure. CWP

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