MUGGERS: How to out-run them

Muggers have a rule: snatch, grab, hold a gun to scare an innocent bystander and disappear in the wind.

But how would you define these criminals?

Robbers are one of those individuals you often hear about on television but always let it slide because deep down, you believe that none of that will ever happen to you.

On the contrary, a quick search on Google News yields thousands of people who have recently been mugged, often in broad daylight.

And most of these stories include a young, beautiful woman robbed in front of a deli, a man robbed outside a liquor store, two women robbed on their way to church, and a man getting robbed while reaching for his car keys.

Therefore, the muggers are everywhere. Whether you are walking to work, college, your car, or going to meet someone, you are always at risk. And nothing about that is bearable – let that sink in!

Furthermore, don’t blame your gender, choices, and dressing for this horrible act because this is the 21st century. Frankly, certain people (such as muggers) are always looking for new ways to hurt innocent souls.

Quick question: how do you defend yourself when you are a constant prey? Let’s be honest, it’s not easy tackling a mugger, but with a few sensible tricks, you can outsmart them!

Let’s start with the basics.

A Fact: You are always at risk, to some extent

The first thing to know: there’s a high chance that a mugger has already checked you out. Don’t fear; it can happen to anyone, and if you haven’t been robbed, you’re either smart or lucky.

That’s according to a few real-life muggers who are doing time in prison and who are making amends by sharing tips on how victims can protect themselves. Nonetheless, you need to be street-smart if you want to dodge a mugger successfully.

Some Statistic Facts About Muggers

There’s a theory to everything. Right? And the world is increasingly coming up with new technologies, but why isn’t anyone eradicating crime? That’s because corruption can’t be contained; only morals can!

In 2017, the FBI’s crime reporting program reported 319,356 robberies in the USA, and 37% of them occurred on a highway or street.

You must be wondering, why are we associating mugging with robbery? Truthfully, it is a form of theft – the legal term for theft by actual force of threats.

It is discrete from other forms in that the perpetrator aims at a person, and crime occurs in public. Muggers often brandish weapons of various kinds. The safest way to out-run one is to adopt an operational plan.

Coming To The Real Talk: How To Avoid Getting Mugged

No one likes to be the target. Here’s what you can do to put off a potential attacker.

1.  Stay where the crowd is

Scam artists and pickpockets love picking their prey out of a crowd; it makes it easier for them to snatch your valuables and then disappear in the dust without anyone noticing.

On the other hand, muggers never want witnesses, so they move toward shadowy corners and pitch-black corners.

Therefore, always remain in a crowd and walk in a well-lit area. Other than that, park your vehicle under a street lamp and avoid dark alleys and streets.

2.  Do a little situational analysis

Situational analysis means being aware of what’s happening around you and questioning yourself if anyone or anything could be a threat to your safety and health.

Keeping a check on the situation is critical in law enforcement and the military because being aware of your surroundings is crucial in making accurate decisions during a life-or-death matter.

However, in civilian life, many unaware personalities are roaming around. They have no clue what’s going on. Instead, they listen to music or look at their phones – muggers aside, this isn’t genuinely safe at all!

We’ve all seen numerous YouTube videos of people falling under a sewer or tripping headfirst into the concrete. Reason? They were staring at their phones!

When you outside, put your phone in your pocket/purse and pay attention to the surrounding. Who knows, a mugger may be walking behind you.

Look at each person and determine if they pose a potential threat. Notice their body language, faces, and clothing. Stick to your guns.

3.  Don’t look vulnerable

Muggers typically target anyone who looks weak, which includes older people. Hence, it is essential to project an image of power and confidence through body language. Practice the following tips:

  • Look people in the eyes but don’t creep them out
  • Keep your chin up
  • Stand straight
  • Walk with determination, even if you are clueless about the route
  • Take big steps
  • Always look like a man/woman with answers
  • While standing, keep your feet wide apart
  • Never walk with an open map

These subtle movements and gestures tell a potential criminal to back off and that you are not afraid. Moreover, please prefer to wear clothing that allows you more freedom of movement – for when you need to kick or run.

4.  Never go out alone under a dark sky

Some might consider this to be a cliché, but it’s a vital safety precaution. On top of that, if you’re overly independent, going out in the dark by yourself can intensify your chances of being mugged.

But if you go out with a group of people, the chances of mugging experience a downfall. When a mugger is outnumbered, there are minimum chances of any crime to occur!

5.  Do not carry valuable items

While you may want to flaunt your new handbag or a piece of jewelry, you’re basically swaying money in the air to entice muggers.

80% of muggers are after money, so showing off your valuable items in unfamiliar areas will not help. Therefore, it’s best to hide your precious commodities when you go for a stroll in a sketchy neighborhood.

6.  Do not fight unless you know how to!

It’s said that if you remain passive during a mugging, your chances of getting hurt are less. Trying to fight back could lead to severe damage, especially if the mugger carries a real-life gun. In such cases, it is better to give the criminal what he wants – if you are alone and defenseless.

Your best moment-of-action is to look the robber in the eyes and scan his description so that you may go to the police later. If you have a photographic memory, kudos to you because this can help the law sketch the mugger.

Regardless, most muggers disguise their faces with sock-like masks, so be sure to keep an eye out for other identifiable features – a license plate or a symbol/tattoo on the suspect.

7.  If possible, join a self-defense class

It seems overdue, but you will thank us for this!

Sign up for a self-defense session to increase your confidence and reduce fear. When you have the knowledge and strength to safeguard yourself and your people, you won’t have to stress becoming a victim.

Martial arts that are best for self-defense include:

  • Karate
  • Boxing
  • Keysi
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Russian Sambo
  • Krav Maga

The confidence and strength you gain from learning self-defense can positively influence many zones of your life. You will have more energy to play with your kids; you might even be confident to pursue other opportunities and be unstoppable at work.

It’s truly a life-changing decision!

What To Do If I Get Robbed

If something awful happens, and you do become a victim of a mugging, here’s what to do:

  • Before the act of mugging, if you feel slightly suspicious and your gut is telling you something’s fishy, cross the street as soon as you can. If not, kneel to the back of a wall and fake-tie your shoes. On the spot, call the police.
  • Typically, muggers only want your valuables and cash. If you get caught up in a dangerous situation, keep your head down and hand everything over. Never escalate the case with physical violence unless necessary.
  • Always carry pepper spray or mace with you. It can distract the mugger while you run away.
  • If there are people around, draw attention to yourself, scream if necessary.

The Takeaway

Getting mugged is the last thing you want on earth. It’s even more painful if you are struggling to make ends meet.

Luckily, using a few simple tricks and changing your habits can help you outsmart the mugger. Also, don’t expect the police to protect you because they can’t always be available at the scene. You must create an action plan for yourself!

Be extra vigilant during special events, such as concerts or parties, and always walk in a group or with at least one person. CWP

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