Most Common Home Security System Problems and Their Solutions

We often hear incidents of burglary and theft into houses most frequently nowadays, and the graph is rapidly increasing day by day. We are always in need of smart home ideas and solutions to this serious problem. Smart home technology is a great way to counter and deal with these problems, including a home security system.

Protection is all we need for our property & family. A home security system minimizes the risk and gives peace of mind in such a terrible situation. The home security system has multiple benefits than drawbacks. Technology has taken the home security system to the next level, convenient to operate even if you are away from home.

Professional monitoring services also one of the features of the home security system. Dedicated agents are assigned to monitor your property on your behalf. If they find any wrongdoing/emergency, they ring the alarm and send the emergency services such as Police, Fire brigade, and ambulance accordingly. However, some problems are related to the home security systems, and here, we will find out their solutions.

Timely Maintenance of Security System

There are multiple devices linked with the home security system, and they have to be checked the time to time if everything is working. The battery needs to be examined frequently as the whole system depends on the battery when the power goes down.

If the system stops functioning, there is no use in having the security system, and it may put you and your family at risk.

It is highly recommended to set a particular date and schedule appointed with Security Company to get this job done for you. Security companies train their technicians to set up a new system and do the maintenance job for the existing system. You can always check with them to eliminate the same risk.

Additional costs may involve, but security always comes first and can’t be neglected. Also, it will prolong the useful life of the security system and save more money in the long run as the security system itself is costly.

Compatibility Issue with Devices

The home security system is a combination of a whole bunch of multiple devices such as motion detectors, roller shutters, cameras, smoke detectors, and alarms. If all these devices are not from the same company, then there is a chance that they may not be linked properly with a security system. You may face connectivity issues, and devices will stop working at all.

This issue is nothing to worry about as you can always buy the devices from the same company. There are two major reasons why I am insisting on going with the same company. Firstly, there won’t be a compatibility issue, and technicians will not install the same.

False Alarm or No Alarm

If the door and windows are not properly shut before activating the alarm system, the alarm will not trigger. Hence, it must be verified if all the doors and windows are properly closed. It is always recommended to cross-check the same before activation of the alarm system from the panel.

Another issue that people encounter is that motion sensors detect the items if they move by the pet’s pet or other insects came into the area where the motion sensor is installed. Always ensure to stop the entry of such animals into the area where the motion sensor is activated. Sensitivity can be adjusted as well so that it may not trigger the alarm due to the slight movements.

It may be irritating to get a false alarm, but you can always avoid the same. You can always call the technicians and adjust the alarm system. If the home security system is well maintained, you won’t be having the issue of getting false alarms.

Never Buy a Security System Randomly

People usually get the home security system installed with basic devices, leaving so many important places in the house where devices have to be installed. It gives plenty of loopholes to the security system and leaves the area vulnerable to a security threat. Security is always maintained if catered to all the aspects completely.

However, it is always advised to get professional advice initially and contact the company to survey your property to pitch the right devices. Once all the security loopholes have been evaluated, then a home security system should be installed. Security companies also recommend getting the survey done first.

We often see that the home security systems are sold in a market that only comes with limited devices. You may get the home security system at a lower price, but if the devices are insufficient for your home, there is no use in having that deal option.

Getting a Right Home Security Camera

The camera works like eyes, and if the camera’s quality is not considered and the location where it is installed. There is a huge chance that security can be breached—many companies in the market offer high-tech cameras with better resolution and infrared technology.

Always buy a good quality camera equipped with all the advanced functions so that surveillance is done effectively. Another very important thing is the location of the camera. Never install a camera where the camera cannot capture the whole area and leaves the loopholes vulnerable to security risk.

DVR is another problem that people face issues with as it records the whole activity. It should be checked timely if the space is available on the hard drive. Also, If the hard drive is corrupted, then replace the same to get the recording accordingly.

Strong Password

The home security system also requires a password to activate or deactivate the alarm system. We should avoid setting up an easy password such as 1234, Date of birth, or address which is very easy for someone to access the system, and you will be in trouble later on. Always come up with a strong password to be difficult for someone to breach your security.

People make the common mistake of writing a password on paper. This activity is highly discouraged, and it should never do that. Only share the password with your family member so that it remains unknown to outsiders.

Cost and the Quality of the Home Security System

Price factor has always been a concern for many of us. The home security system comes up with so many costly devices since the smart homes technology is involved. Buyers always look for low prices.

However, this might not be wise to go for some cheap DIY home security system as it may not perform well or durable. Investment is involved, but the solution is always to go for a quality home security system to avoid any security threat.

Many companies offer good prices, and it can be checked in the market before going for any home security system. However, quality should never be compromised at all. Think of your property and family before any other factor.

Programming the Home Security System

Usually, home security systems are not programmed accordingly if the building’s layout changes for any reason. It must be verified if there are any changes in the building’s layout, make the changes, and reprogram the panel as per the new layout.

Inspections are always suggested to mitigate the same issue to avoid burglary, fire threat, or any other security threat.

Timely maintenance is one of the ways to avoid such instances and keep the home security system updated. If you find any trouble then always look for professional advice from the security company.

Updated Mobile Application

We may face irregularities with the system when the application is not updated, linked with the home security system. You may not activate the system from the cellphone if you are away from home and the application is yet to be updated. As we live in the era of technology, then it must be availed.

Also, always keep the updated application to avoid service issues and security failures in such situations.


Is it essential to install a security system?

As per recent research, more than two million home burglaries have been reported in America each year. So, when it’s about the safety of your home or office, it is highly suggested not to ignore it. Whether you’re the owner or living in a rented property, installing a security camera is crucial for the safety of your family, possessions, and property.

What features include in a basic security system?

Various types of security systems are available in the market, from basic to advanced. But the good part is, you can always opt for a basic one if you don’t want to go for an advanced security system. A basic security equipment set comes with magnetic sensors and infrared sensors to detect suspicious motion inside the home.

These security sensors are linked with a control panel with a pretty loud siren and a connection to the monitoring company. In case of any mishap, the company can quickly take prompt action.

Which security system is better, hard-wired or wireless?

Both hard-wired and wireless systems have their pros and cons; when talking about a hard-wired system, there is a big risk of wires being cut.

On the other side in the wireless system, it can be used in more places and portable, which means that you can take that with you if you have to go to another property. The wireless security system uses more powerful cellular systems, which is indeed a powerful feature.


The home security system is always a good choice for preventing burglary, fire, and other security threats. Everything has some problems so do the home security systems. However, such problems are not that big which can’t be resolved.

Smart home gadgets are a great way to secure your property from unforeseen incidents. The home security system is not that complicated, but if the right product is opted for and maintained properly. You will be having a good time and won’t face issues with the home security system.

It is a kind of investment that is a must in current days scenario. In the end, security is something that should never be compromised. It makes your home safe and your neighborhood, so always think about getting a security system for your home. CWP

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