Mistakes in Home Security

Many homes are being broken into every day as a result of negligence from the homeowner doing things that compromise their home security, or failing to observe the home security rules.

In this article, we will discuss mistakes in home security that are being made by homeowners.

Hiding Your Key Under the Doormat and Flower Pot

Leaving a key under the doormat is really a bad idea because if a burglar was scoping your property for entry, this would be the first place they would look.

Another place to completely avoid when trying to hide your key is under the flower pot, burglar knows they might possibly find it there.

You could install a door smart lock if you find it difficult to hide it in a secure location.

Leaving Empty Boxes of Expensive Items Outside

One of the mistakes of home security is leaving empty cartons of expensive items on your front porch, this can be a clear indication to burglars that there is an expensive new item in your home.

If you have empty boxes of gaming gear, laptop, high tech equipment or any other expensive item, instead of leaving them outside, try to cut them into smaller parts and dispose them into the garbage can.

Putting Your Valuables Near a Window

Leaving your valuables near a window poses risk of your having your home invaded by burglars.

Make sure that you move your valuables away from the window if you can’t close the window curtains. Doing this will prevent burglars to peep through your window and find anything.

Leaving Untrimmed Flowers and Trees in Your Yard

While trees give off the oxygen that we need to breathe, leaving it untrimmed could provide a perfect hiding spots for burglars.

Make sure you have the trees regularly trimmed and maintain thin growing shrubs.

Not Using the Right Outdoor Lighting or No Light 

Many homeowners are not bothered about outdoor lighting of their home or property, and this is an avenue burglar loves because it makes their operation smoother as no one would be able to quickly see them.

If your yard is poorly lit, your home could potentially be on the watchlist of burglars.

Whether you are in or out on a vacation, make sure you install an outdoor lighting that will properly illuminate your yard. This way, you are not only illuminating the surroundings, but also sending a signal to the burglars that there is a human presence in the house.

However, this is a scenario where solar light can be handy as they are pretty affordable. The light will automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

You can customize the light such that you can activate a motion sensor which lets the light get brighter whenever it detects movement.

Leaving Your Garage Door Unlocked

One of the methods used by burglars is getting into your home through the garage door.

Garage door is also a target for burglars because this is where most valuable tools are commonly kept.

It is highly recommended to check your garage door before going to work, and also check that it is properly locked before going to bed at night.

Additionally, you can invest in a smart door lock for your garage to save you the hassle of locking the garage door every time.

Using Fake or Dummy Security Equipment

Sometimes, many homeowners want to be one step ahead by installing a dummy security equipment such as dummy security camera, but some experienced burglars can easily identify fake camera from the real one upon seeing it.

For instance, almost all the dummy CCTV cameras on the market have a blinking red LED (light emitting diode) that flashes at an interval, and this is a tip-off to an experienced burglar.

There are many budget security camera systems that have high-definition video resolution, you should try and install one to cover your entire home which includes your perimeters.

This way, when there is eventually a case of home invasion, the security footage can help the police in the investigation.

Forgetting to Arm Your Security Alarm System Before Leaving Home

Thousands of homeowners are caught up in these mistakes in home security, they forget to arm their intruder alarm system before leaving the house, thereby compromising their own security setup.

Thankfully, many smart alarm systems now come with geofencing, a feature which will automatically arm or disarm the alarm system whenever you get to a certain proximity.

Nevertheless, if your alarm system does not support the smart feature, then you need to make it a habit to turn it on as soon as you enter, and right before you go out of the house.

Forgetting to Stop Mail Before Embarking on A Vacation

Forgetting to stop mail or newspaper before embarking on a vacation can also be attributed to mistakes in home security.

All it takes for a burglar is just to check your mailbox, and that is a tip-off that no one is presently living in the house.

Make sure you visit the post office in person to stop the mail until you return from vacation. Do not stop mail online because the approval process may not be instantaneous.

Never Be Hostile to Your Neighbors

As long as you can’t be in two places at the same time, keeping hostile relationship with your neighbors won’t do you any good.

Always be in good terms with neighbors because they can be your eyes over your property whenever you are not around.

Using a Fragile Door and Cheap Window Locks

Using a fragile doors and cheap window locks can sometimes complicate your home security, because it is only going to enhance the burglar’s nefarious activities.

It is strongly advisable to replace the front and back doors to stronger ones and install a multipoint lock on them instead of a single point locking system.

You can install a star-lock on the edges of the window too to assist the primary latch.

Mounting Your Intruder Alarm Panel Near the Window

Installing your alarm panel near the window can pose a risk of getting your home security compromised.

Make sure you choose a better and hidden location for your alarm panel but most importantly, don’t place it where everyone would be able to see it.

Not Maintaining Your Home Security System

Home security equipment are meant to be maintained regularly in order to have effective operation. Failure to do this can cause the equipment to malfunction which can lead to a false alarm.


Home security is about protecting what you love most and this surely comes with a price tag. We believe you will keep the aforesaid mistakes in home security in mind so that you can avoid making them, and thereby deterring burglars. CWP

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