Major problems with Home Security Systems

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Human beings always remain conscious and concerned about their security. It’s an instinct not only in human beings but also in other living creatures. Human beings invented and implemented different measures to make themselves safe and secure.

Security and safety are the need of an hour; with the deteriorating security situation in some regions and inflation, the ratio of crimes and other similar activities are on the rise. Therefore, the various methods and types of equipment are used for security purposes.

Security cameras are one of the most widely used hardware; they are many types of security systems available in the market loaded with different features that can be utilized for securing your business, house, or other property. Due to their increased demand and fierce market competition, different vendors take advantage of the market condition and sell customers low-quality products.

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The result of selling low-quality products results in hardware malfunctioning, which eventually affects their performance. A home security system comprises multiple cameras, sensors, motion detectors, monitored or unmonitored intruder alarm systems, fire alarms, etc.; any malfunctioning in one component creates a blind spot and creates an opportunity for the intruder.

Why Are Security Systems Necessary?

Security and safety in an environment of uncertainty and chaos are necessary; they provide an extra layer of security and minimize the risk of external threats. Small businesses, property owners, and homeowners consider these effective tools for mental satisfaction.

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There gained popularity rapidly in recent times due to their features and ease of use. Still, they are quite expensive in terms of quality and efficiency, and a large variety of features are available depending on your spending.

But these devices and hardware are fatal in many scenarios; consider these points before planning to buy and install a new security system for your home.

Major Problems with Home Security System:

Although security cameras and systems provide efficient surveillance, there are certain problems associated with these security systems that can be fatal and result in potential incidents that cause a fortune and, on rare occasions, human lives. These faults are mainly due to cost, affordability, installation, human error, and maintenance issues. Some flaws in camera systems are as follows:

High Hardware and Maintenance Cost:

Security cameras and systems are becoming necessary due to their surveillance features and the peace of mind they provide to households, businesses, and many other entities. You can now watch your entire place on your mobile screens, increasing their demands and behind their soaring prices.

Therefore, they are not cheap and costly; there are cheap DIY systems available in the market that cost less but are unreliable. Their shelf life is also limited; after installation, they require more care and maintenance than their costly counterparts.

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Another drawback of cheap security systems is that they cannot provide appropriate surveillance and lack performance.

Apart from hardware prices, ownership is a lot more than the actual price of the system; monthly maintenance subscription fees in the monitored system, part replacements, and other small yet expensive services make the system out of the reach of most people.

No Guarantee for Fool-Proof Security:

Purchasing and installing a good security system is not a guarantee of 100% prevention from threats and security risks. Although they cover most security risks, they are not as smart as human beings. Criminals and like-minded people are also aware of these systems and their weaker points and loopholes.

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They target those weaker points and use the loopholes as their opportunity to do a certain crime; therefore, they fail badly at a certain point; same is the case with fire alarms; if not properly maintained, they cannot detect any smoke, which leads to a big disaster.

Malfunctioning, False Alarm:

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated today’s security systems are; the chances of false alarms are quite high. The technology is still not up to the mark in identifying a real threat. You and your family can wake up in the middle of the night due to setting off the alarm caused by your pet.

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Another common problem this security system faces is the mismatch of frequencies or interference of the same frequency signals, which can turn off the whole system. The key fob also stops working and has range issues. The frequent false alarms make the residents or owners less receptive to them and don’t act fast and effectively in case of a threat.

Poor Site Management:

Motion sensors used in security system covers a certain area, and their range is limited. Still, often they fail to trigger the alarm due to their poor placement or any hindrance that distorts their covering range.

Poor site management and unavailability of sufficient sensors also play a role in poor security management; people often cut the number of sensors due to their price. Still, in reality, they are exposing their security system to intruders, which increases their vulnerability.

Wired Vs. Wireless Security Systems:

There are two types of security systems available in the market; both are built to provide robust security and meet the demands of the consumers; however, there are certain limits to using both systems; here are some details regarding wired and wireless systems.

  • Wired Systems: The wired systems have all cameras and peripherals connected with a network of wires that runs all over your place. The wired medium is good in many ways; it provides a faster and clearer picture and is less prone to outside intrusion. They are reliable and last longer.
  • Wireless Systems: In wireless systems, all the cameras and sensors are connected wirelessly; they are less robust compared to the wired ones, they are more prone to outside hindrance, and the matching frequencies can interpret them; hence they are not as reliable as the wired systems.

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Rely on an External Power Source:

The security systems need an uninterrupted power source that can provide the power to perform their operations; in the case of wireless systems, batteries are the main power source for most sensors. In case of battery power dries out, it must require an alternate source to power that particular sensor.

If no power is provided to these sensors, they stop working. That particular area or part is a go-to zone for the outsiders or intruders; a more sophisticated and functional system needs to be in place to minimize the risks.

The firewall of Security Systems:

Security systems are always vulnerable to outside attacks; they can be secured by implementing different security layers and firewalls. Especially wireless systems are more open to hacking attacks, and they are always under the radar!

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A secure and reliable system must be installed to protect your security system. Also, additional hardware and a layer of frequency interference prevention are necessary for wireless systems. Typically, an external matching frequency signal is used to create interference and enter a system for a possible attack.

Exclusive Hardware:

Every home security company has exclusive hardware that runs on its pr. All the components, from sensors to cameras, are compatible and cannot integrate any other hardware without permission and instructions from the company.

This particular thing makes the hardware expensive due to its exclusivity; companies also manipulate it for their interests. But in today’s world, systems that don’t provide the option of integration and compatibility are considered old school.

Today technology revolutionizes the whole security system with the introduction of many features and provides the option to integrate with many IoT devices. It not only fuels the competition and brings the best product to the consumers.


Is installing a security system a good decision?

Yes, your home and business should install a good security system in your home or a business; it provides a cover to potential robberies and peace of mind. Also, it becomes more significant compared to the increasing number of burglaries.

What are things to be considered while choosing a security system?

Several things must be considered; first of all, its reliability, compatibility, and integration with different mobile phone apps. Have sufficient sensors covering every corner of your property and an extra security or firewall layer to protect it from hacking attacks.

What is the best system, wired or wireless?

Both wired and wireless systems have pros and cons; wired systems provide good connectivity, faster data transfer, and a clearer picture. However, it is expensive to lay all the wiring and hiding Wireless systems provides more flexibility, can cover more areas, are easy to install, and provides a good overall experience. Still, they are vulnerable to outside attacks and frequency matching issues.


Security systems are becoming a necessity these days; due to their increased demand, they are becoming expensive daily. They provide the rapid and best solution for your house or business security, but in this world of technology, they are also vulnerable to outside attacks; therefore, before choosing any system, read the above potential problems that a security system could face. You can address these problems and minimize the risk of burglaries. CWP

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