How To Find Out About Crime In Your Neighborhood

Moving soon? While signing the closing paperwork to complete your new home purchase, keep in mind that you’re not only purchasing a new home; you’re also buying a new neighborhood.

It’s your most significant investment where you raise your family, sleep at night, and store your most prized personal possessions.

It’s critical to feel secure while relocating to a new neighborhood. Selling your property can be more profitable if you live in an area where you and your loved ones feel comfortable. The frequent question many people asked How to check if a neighborhood is safe?

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Make sure there aren’t any risks before signing a lease or purchasing a home. In this article, you’ll discover how you may look up crime statistics in a potential neighborhood and assess the safety of your present one by reading on.

How To Check Out The Neighborhood Before Moving?

Before moving to a new neighborhood, it’s a good idea to research the area thoroughly. Keeping this in mind, here are some strategies to thoroughly investigate an area before making a decision.

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Chat With the Neighbors

Make eye contact with passersby as you walk around the neighborhood. If they do, find out what they enjoy or dislike about the place from someone who does. From how often a neighbor’s dog gets out and roams the front yard to information on an annual block party, you’ll likely hear a wide range of views.

In general, the people around you will tell you the truth, so don’t take their word for it.

Go walk it yourself

You may acquire a sense of a neighborhood’s vibe by simply visiting the area and interacting with the locals. You may learn a lot about a community just by taking a stroll, such as whether the sidewalks and parks are full of families or if people are generally friendly when they pass by. It’s also a great way to view the sights and figure out what you want to do for dining, shopping, and recreational activities in the neighborhood.

Give Your Commute a Test Run

An essential factor in your general well-being is the amount of time you spend each day traveling to and from work.

To get the most accurate idea of how long it will take to get from point A to point B in your chosen mode of transportation, do a trial run in your vehicle, bike, foot, or public transport of choice instead of relying on Google Maps. Do your trial run when you’re on your way to or from work so you can see how well it works.

Test your commute

Commuting time is an important consideration. You’ve undoubtedly thought about it while searching for a new home, but have you put the car through its paces? Even if your GPS tells you that you have a 20-minute trip to work, you should double-check that information anyway.

Take a few loops around the neighborhood to familiarize yourself with the roads. It’s best if you drive it when you’d usually be going to work so you can get a feel for it. On the way, you may encounter a perplexing crossroads or unusually long traffic light. There are several things to keep in mind when looking for a new home.

Investigate the Area’s History

When contemplating a neighborhood’s name, could you do some research into its past? Historically-minded residents may have their web pages dedicated to their historic districts. Key events may be documented in books or other publications by the city’s historical organization, and you may also find a chronology there.

Attend a Meeting of the Neighborhood

Regular community meetings to debate local policy, issues, and planning for public events are ordinary in established areas. Another option is to hold town halls or forums hosted by the city council member who represents the region. Residents are welcome to attend PTA meetings held by their children’s schools.

To better understand how neighborhood officials deal with public grievances and work toward unity, you should attend one of these sessions.

Consider Nearby Real Estate Activity

You can find out how many homes are currently for sale or rent and how recently they have sold using real estate information websites like Zillow, Redfin,, and Trulia. An overabundance may signal a potential decline in the area’s worth, while an absence may signal a high concentration of long-term residents.

Consult your real estate agent about recent activity in the neighborhood before relying solely on consumer-facing real estate websites. According to the market situation currently, your realtor may be able to tell you if the value of your future house is likely to decrease.

Neighborhood Research Tools

Suppose you and your family are moving to a new neighborhood. However, crime monitoring is only one part of the overall community protection provided by these systems. As a result, we made sure to integrate community-based safety solutions as well. Some people can help you find a missing pet or solve the mystery of a missing parcel.


AreaVibes delivers a livability score based on your Zip CodeTM. The livability score is based on amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, jobs, housing, and the weather. Aside from security concerns, it involves housing, education, amenities, and other aspects of life.

Crime trends and safety concerns in your neighborhood can compare to those at the state and federal levels. People living in the community post their thoughts on safety and local amenities, so you can understand what it’s like to live there. Other demographic information includes the male-to-female ratio, the languages spoken, and marital status.

Neighborhood Scout:

People can use this app to find the ideal neighborhoods for themselves and their families. The user can select specific lifestyle searches and phrases that link to their database to understand their ideal community better.

Homeowners and real estate agents use this search engine to find opportunities and analyze risk. It’s beneficial for first-time homebuyers because Neighborhood Scout’s unique algorithms provide town and community comprehensive safety and lifestyle profiles. Make adjustments to your search based on your personal and safety needs.

How do you proceed if you locate a wonderful neighborhood but find that the location is eventually ineffective? Neighborhood Scout will help you find other communities with comparable characteristics. While the majority of the site is free to use, a few reports cost a subscription.


Using the Next Door Crime And Safety app, you can monitor your area from the comfort of your home. You can go beyond just posting crime notifications on social media. If you already have a Ring doorbell, did you know that you can link to other neighbors with or without a Ring doorbell and form a virtual neighborhood watch??

This type of coordination between neighbors and local law enforcement is ideal, but it isn’t always possible to implement. When accessible, the Ring doorbell cameras integrated into the Neighbors app can provide video evidence to accompany member-submitted complaints of crimes or suspicious activity, showing on a map.

Despite some privacy concerns, this app’s settings and disclosures make it simple to evaluate if it’s the correct service for you or not.

Crime Reports:

By Using a map, this service provides you with real-time information about crimes in your neighborhood. As long as you know your address or zip code, you can access this information. Participating law enforcement agencies include more than 1,000.

To get information about a specific crime from the local law enforcement department, Property theft, assaults, and even drug usage that covers in the reports. For a glance, their icons are beneficial.

What Are The Neighborhood Safety Initiatives?

Neighborhood Safety Initiatives aim to promote public safety through investing in residents, altering public areas, and influencing city policies.

The cornerstone of work is racial fairness, changing power, access to resources, inclusive design, and deep involvement. Training in community organizing, human-centered design, and reimagining public areas to improve people’s well-being provides neighborhood safety initiatives to residents.

Working towards a Safe, Friendly and Involved Community Safety Plan :  Garsfontein Police Precinct. - ppt download

To help the community, residents develop concrete solutions and learn to get the resources they need to implement them. Design and implement participatory decision-making methods that put residents at the center of government decision-making and resource allocation.

What Is A National Neighborhood Crime Study?

Trait-level crime and demographic data from cities around the United States are included in the National Neighborhood Crime Study (NNCS) to allow comparisons between “communities” of varied racial-ethnic and socioeconomic status.

Aside from this, the NNCS also intended to study the extent to which the types of geographic region, job market, or other contextual elements influence crime in communities.


First-time homebuyers often make the mistake of falling in love with a house before thoroughly researching the neighborhood. Determine the safety of an area before making an offer on the house, whether it’s an investment property.

Fortunately, many options and free services are available at the local, state, and federal levels to assist you. Finally, remember to rely on your intuition above all else. In the end, even if everything appears to be in order on paper, your intuition is an invaluable asset in the evaluation process. CWP

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