Home Safety When You Are Away

Fortifying your home against invasion before you embark on vacation gives you rest of mind while you are away.

It is mandatory that you initiate a certain security measure in order to have a protected home.

But how do you secure your home when you are away?

Below steps will guide you on possible ways you can protect your home while you are away.


The front door is the main access to your home, and you should make sure you beef up your door security. If your door or frame is fragile, it is recommended to have it replaced including the emergency exit door. Burglars will try to use the emergency exit door if they find out that the front door is impenetrable.

If your door comes with a single cylinder deadbolt lock, you should consider replacing it with a double cylinder deadbolt lock.

Single cylinder deadbolt lock has a major flaw especially if there is a window near the door, a burglar would want to break the window and reach out to the lock override knob to unlock the door from the inside.

In this scenario, double cylinder deadbolt is suitable because a burglar cannot unlock the door from inside without a key.

Additionally, installing a double cylinder interlocking deadbolt will enhance your door security.

However, you need to find out if your city fire code permits you to install a double cylinder deadbolt or not.

Your valuables can attract burglars to invade your property, ensure no valuable is placed near windows. All the windows should be locked and curtains closed to prevent burglars from looking through the windows.

If you have a two story home, make sure you remove any ladder that may be lying around.


Home alarm system can be standalone or professionally monitored. A professionally monitored alarm system allows you to have a 24/7 monitoring service with a monthly subscription.

How does the professionally monitored service works? It works by connecting all the wireless sensors on the windows and door(s) to the alarm panel and route it to the control center.

When a break-in occurs, there is an open connection between the sensors, and the alarm is triggered which eventually makes the intruder to run-off. The signal is equally sent to the control center where the operator sends a dispatch to your home for surveillance action.


When you stick up security decal in the yard, windows and front door, you are not only instilling fear but also using it as a deterrent. No burglar would want to come close to your property with security decals visible everywhere according to survey.


Smart video doorbell such as Ring can get you to see anyone who shows up on your front door on your smartphone.

Experienced burglars will try to knock on your door to see if someone is around, but since smart video doorbell detects motion even before the doorbell is rung, you can simply capture whoever that is standing in the front porch and tell them to get off your property.


Do not make it look like nobody is around, try to setup the light bulbs in the rooms on automatic timer so they can turn on at night. This way, you will make it less obvious you are not around.


It is important to stop mail delivery service to your mailbox since you would not want anyone to know you are not around.


Having your home equipped with security camera system can also serve as deterrent, burglar does not want their face to be captured on tape.


Getting a security dog can additionally serve as a deterrent, home burglars do not like a barking dog. Security dog is known to be one of the best deterrents for home invasion. CWP

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