Family Safety and Security

How to make life all the more exciting, ensuring complete safety for your Family?

Nothing can hold more importance to you than the well being and solace of your family members. You keep toiling the day around, not only for yourself, but majorly to ensure that you can offer an enjoyable and exciting life to your family members.

It is needless to state that, you will you be ready to get into any hardships, if you feel that it can bring the slightest benefit to the members in your family.  

When you see your dear ones happy and leading a comfortable life, you get to the heaven. As such, it Is obvious that state that your family members and your family life really matter to you.

However, probably you are not attentive about the aspect of the safety of your family members. A recently conducted research in the US accounts for the finding that, more than 55% of home owners in the country, never took any constructive measure to secure their family members.

The picture is not different in other parts of the globe. So, it is the high time that you give adequate importance to this aspect. This will ensure that your beloved ones are leading a really enjoyable and safe life that will fetch you all the meaning for the extensive hardship that you put on a daily basis.

What are the major aspects related to the safety of your family?

Before you get into action, you need a foolproof plan. This holds true, when it comes to the aspect of ensuring safety and security of your family members as well. You need to understand the key aspects related to the topic as well as the major areas of threats that you are likely to encounter. As such, before you start working, you need to identify the key aspects related to the topic:

  • Safety and security of the Home.
  • Safety of your family and neighborhood
  • Safety for the children in your family and in your neighborhood
  • Online Safety for your family members, especially children and elderly individuals.

Planned and systematic approaches are needed across all these points that will ensure comprehensive safety and security for you and your family members. Remember, if you want to see them leading a pleasant life, safety and security are the 2 aspects that should always get the major attention. After all, pleasure in life is not merely in materialistic affluence. But, it is majorly dependent on right ambiance for a living.

Likewise, you need to identify the major areas that can throw challenges to the safety and security of your family members. This analysis will make it easier to plan and work on the preventive actions. Consider the aspects like your location, the profile and age of the members in  your family, their mental inclinations and other lifestyle factors to get a precise idea in this regard.

Once you can ensure complete safety and security of your family members and your neighbor, needless to state, you will live life to the fullest.

How do I stay safe at home?

You get nothing for free. This holds true, when it comes to the aspiration of leading a safe, secure and, and completely enjoyable life. This implies, you must adopt the right practices and orientations to ensure that you are safe from all the probable areas o risks and threats.  Paragraphs underneath shall make your task in this regard, a bit easier:

Never  neglect or ignore the Safety housekeeping
This refers to the course of actions that aims to eliminate the primary safety threats by adopting safety practices.  Following are the key points in this context:

  • Prevent cluttering of items in front of the doors, steps and stairways.
  • Ensure that no chords are reaching the travel areas.
  • Store things in areas that you can reach comfortably
  • Keep all the cabinets, wardrobes and drawers closed, if not in use.
  • Ensure that you put off the home appliances and kitchen appliances, if not in use.

Eliminate the probable electrical Risks
You should never make the electrical outlets crowded. Likewise, it hardly makes a sense to stack the unused electrical appliances. You should always maintain the electrical framework of the house from tie mot time. Issues if found, should be addressed immediately. It is very important that you never employ unskilled and untrained electricians to accomplish the electrical installation, maintenance,  and repairing tasks.

Ensure that you have the necessity handy
It is very important that, you have instant availability of the typical emergency items. The list in this regard should include:

  • A first-aid kit that contains all the resources to address the emergency instances
  • Medicines to handle the common ailments.
  • If necessary, Inhalers
  • Your Phonebook must include the emergency numbers of your physician, relatives, reliable friends.
  • All other resources that you might need to handle the emergency situations.

Encourage those habits that fosters Safety
The best way to win over a situation is to prevent it. This holds true, when it comes to the aspect of safety and security.  For example, you should train your children about the best safety measures and you should also practice what you should preach. Remember, prevention is always a better approach than to cure. So, you must encourage such practices and habits that will foster a foolproof safety and security for your house and your family members. Of course, the outcome will be the most relishing one.

The best tricks and tips to ensure Foolproof Home Safety
Wondering how to make your home completely safe and secure? Here come some simple tricks and tips that will be worthy to follow:

  1. Given an impression that you have someone at your house: while going out, you should create an impression that someone is still inside the house.  This can be done by leaving a TV or Stereo on, in the living room. Likewise, you can use  exterior lighting to accomplish the same purpose.
  2. All the doors need to have reliable locking systems: don’t take any chances with the locks of the exterior doors. Lock all those doors, before you go to sleep, or whenever you are moving out. It will be worthy to use the Smart Locks that can only be opened with its remote.
  3. Don’t just open up the doors blindly: before you open the doors,  see who is there at the door steps. Opening the doors blindly, whenever someone knocks can produce a fatal outcome.
  4. Refrain from leaving the keys in locations that are easily reachable: you need to locate an inconspicuous place for hiding the keys. Alternatively, you can hand over the key to reliable people from your neighborhood.
  5. There is no alternative to securing the sliding  glass doors: though, these doors enhance the aesthetic of the place, still, it offers a challenge to the safety and security of your house. Hence, you need to secure it so that you never ever take any risk with the safety perspective.
  6. Ensure that the garage doors are closed at all times: an easy breakthrough to inside the house is through the garage. Likewise, burglars are like to target the garage. So, it is important that the garage doors stay closed at all times.
  7. You should shut the drapes and blinds: Drapes and blinds may block the view of  a probable intruder to your premises. Hence, you should always keep it closed, especially for the rooms that houses valuable and precious items.
  8. Don’t just accumulate high value cash and other valuable items in your house: you will certainly invite the thieves and burglars to attack your house, if you go about accumulating high value cash and valuable items like jewelries inside your house.

    Rather, you should deposit these items to the safety vaults at your bank. Though, you will need to pay a fixed cost for this, however, you will not mind that, considering your resources will be handled with  foolproof safety and security.
  9. Never leave a note for other members of your family while going out: these notes will provoke burglars to prey inside your house. Rather than leaving notes on the doors, communicate with your family members through the cell phone.
  10. Fix the telephone ring to the lowest volume:  you never know when a burglar will intrude in your premises. If the phone rings and none picks it up, it will give a clear impression that the house is empty and it is a safe playground for thieves and burglars.

    So, before moving out, you must fix the ringing volume to the lowest. This will never project an impression that there is none in the house.
  11. Request a reliable neighbor to collect the daily newspapers, milk packets and other delivery on your behalf: pilling up newspapers, milk packets and other deliveries at the door steps of a closed door will project an impression that the house owner is not inside.

    So, endorse a reliable neighbor to collect these items, while you will not be there. Alternatively, ask the vendor, not to drop these items for the span you will not be there.  Make an arrangement for collecting the courier while you will not be there. Cancelling a delivery for non-availability projects the message that the property is completely evacuated, and hence, is the right time for the  burglar to prey on it.

Following these simple tricks and tips, you can certainly handle the safety and security of your home and  your family members in a better manner. You can even consider the idea about installing the home security systems that will ensure foolproof safety of the premises.

How to eliminate the threats from Fire Breakout?

One of the major areas of threat to your home is that from fire break out. The fact is, a little of preventive and careful approach in home  maintenance can secure you completely from these chances.  Here come the guide that will enable you to secure your house completely:

  • Never leave flames and/or candles unattended: research exhibits the fact that, the majority of the fire break out happens ,when you leave flames and candles unattended. If you don’t aspire to see your house in danger, you should never ever do that.
  • Invest in building materials that are fire resistant: while picking the building materials, you should always opt for the fire resistant ones. Apparently, it might involve a bit higher cost, however, it is a good investment for protecting your house, as these materials will always resist fire break out.
  • Never ever throw away Cigar and Cigarette buts, while it is still burning: this is a mistake that the majority of smokers commit. Rather than throwing out the burning buts, douse it with water.
  • You cannot afford to leave the stoves and gas unattended: stoves and gases left unattended while in use, enhances the chances of a fire danger manifold. Hence, this is one thing that you can never ever afford to commit. Alternatively, you can opt for an additional round of safety by installing the heat and smoke detectors.
  • Take special care in disposing dead and dry vegetation: these disposables are highly flammable and hence, you need special care about disposing these items.  Special care should be taken especially during the dry months, so that fire never ever breaks out from these sources.  Doing this, you ensure the safety of your house as well as your neighborhood.
  • You must have smoke alarms installed at all the levels in your property: ensure that you have installed the smoke alarm across all the levels in your property. Though it involves high initial cost, it comes effective in preventing dangerous instances like fire break out inside the property.  The moment something starts to burn and emits smoke, the alarm will blow out to drag your attention. 

    A recently conducted research exhibits that houses with these alarms installed,  stands less vulnerable to fire risks and threats.  As such, you should never hesitate in investing in these systems.

Family and Neighborhood safety

If you have to ensure the complete safety and security of your home and family, you need to give a very good importance to the aspect of neighborhood safety. These days, people don’t connect with the  neighbor that strongly as they used to do, maybe a decade back.

However, it is still in your own shake only that, you should invest adequate importance to this aspect. Remember, a secure and safe neighborhood is the only thing that can ensure complete safety of your family. As such, no compromises can be made in this regard.

You must know your neighbor
The only way to eliminate suspicions, doubts and ambiguity about anything is to know it precisely. This holds true, when it comes to securing your neighborhood. As such, no matter what busy you are or what hectic schedule you hold, you must manage time to know your neighborhood and its people.

When the neighborhood sticks together, automatically the community binds together better. This is one simple yet effective way to eliminate the probable risks and threats to the neighborhood and all the families involved in the locality.  

Ensure adequate lighting  on the streets
Don’t let the darkness engulf the neighborhood. As such, you cannot afford lack of lighting around the neighborhood. If you find that the streets in your locality is not adequately lighted up, take measures to ensure that it happens.

You must Bring such instances to the notice of the competent local authorities so that adequate solutions can be offered to the instances. This simple step can go a long way to ensure safety of your locality and your family along with.  As such, you can never ever afford to ignore or neglect this aspect. If you really want to see your family safe.

Encourage activities outdoor
One simple but an impacting step to take in this regard is that, you should encourage activities outdoor. This is a wonderful chance for the residents in a neighborhood to meet each other and bind.  This will ensure that all the residents in a locality eventually come into one big family,, ensuring comfort and solace of all.

This is a trend that is being followed all around the globe, and everywhere it has produced the most delightful outcome. As such, it is time for your locality to adopt the same practices and orientations.

Be familiar with the local Police department
Maintain a good rapport with the local cops and request them to take more measures to secure your locality and neighborhood. You can ask them for regular rounds of patrolling that will prevents the activities of the evil forces in your neighborhood. Likewise, the moment you sense something unusual happening in your locality, please bring it to the notice of the police for taking adequate actions.

You can even collaborate with the department for organizing locality watch programs. This will certainly secure the entire community and the neighborhood that eventually ensures complete safety of your house and your family.

The  best Family safety advices

  • Always fasten the seat-belt and encourage others to do so.  The last nail that you can blow to your family is by compromising on your personal safety and catching a road accident. You should always fasten the seat belt while driving and encourage others to do so.
  • Refrain from the habit of driving, while you are drunk. Doing so, you are escalating the risk factor for yourself as for others. Driving while drunk is a punishable offense and most important point is, doing so, you are challenging the safety and well being for  a number of families at a go.

    Likewise, there are chances for public resources and belongings getting damaged, if you hit it. So, driving in a drunk state should be a perfect no-no.  Not only you should do that yourself, but you must encourage others to do so.
  • It is very important that, you are using the helmets, while driving motorcycles. Don’t leave chances for any risks and threats to attack you and take the most devastating toll on you and your family.
  • Take no changes against fire breakouts. Likewise, you need to ensure that you have a foolproof lighting framework in your house. These are the most common and the most stringent areas of threats to your family safety and security.
  • Have a framework ready to fight back the emergency and disasters. This includes the measures to fight back to the natural calamities as well as the acts of God activities as well. Such preparation will ensure that you don’t surrender cheaply to these challenges. 

    As such, it is certainly an inevitable area to work upon, well in advance, so that, it comes handy in instances you need the most.
  • Work on consolidating the safety of the children in your family and your neighborhood. This involves their protection from the chances of physical assaults, injuries, accidents as well as the online threats. Likewise, you need to take care of your safety and security of the females and elderly individuals  in your family and at your locality.  

    A modern society must ensure the adequate safety of the children, females as well as the elderly members. You cannot afford to make the minimum compromises in this regard. A truly modern society  has to ensure the complete safety and security of these folks.

The points stated above may apparently look simple, but for sure, comes the most effective in securing the safety of your family. You cannot afford to make the minimum compromises with these aspects.  Another thing you must do is to take adequate insurance coverage for all of your resources.

Likewise, your family should be protected with adequate insurance and health insurance coverages.  When your family is well protected, for sure, life becomes all the more enjoyable and pleasant for you.  You will certainly enjoy such a life and as such, you will certainly mind to put the necessary efforts and endeavors to execute it.

How do I restrict my child’s Internet access? 

These days, the internet is the most important source for Information.  Your kids will certainly need to utilize the web domain to derive the necessary information for their academic pursuits. However, you cannot ignore the fact that, it enhances the extent of risk factors on the youngsters.

As such, you need to take the adequate measures to ensure their online safety.  This requires you to restrict the access to the internet for your kinds. Wondering how to execute the plan? Here come the key points that will be relevant to account in this context.

  1. You must speak to your ward to balance expectations and boundaries.
  2. You may lock up the internet router physically
  3. It will be wise to set enforced time limits for your children enjoying the internet access.
  4. It will be wise to disable the access and administration to the wireless router for the internet.
  5. Keep up scanning to explore the wireless access points nearby that are unsecured.
  6. You can always put on the parental control mode on the mobile devices and PCs used by your children.
  7. The PCs of your children should be always placed in the open areas of the house.
  8. It will be wise, if you enable activity logging on the routers and PCs used by your kids.

How do I restrict Google search for my child?

Though, Google Search can help you child to retrieve the most important information that they need, you cannot ignore the fact that, it is one area that exposes lots of challenges and safety Threats. As such, you need to take adequate measures to check the access of your children to Google Search.

  • Open the Play store app on the devices on which you wish to establish a parental control
  • You will get the Parental Control icon in the Menu settings that you will get to the top left corner.
  • Now, you need to put on the parental control
  • Set Up a PIN that is not obvious for your kids to identify
  • Set up the type of content that you wish to filter. This way, you can prevent your child to reach to the adult contents and those information that can challenge the online safety of your kids.
  • Establish a restriction to access to Goggle Search.

 It is a quality family life that makes life all the more exciting and enjoyable one. If that plan is to be executed, you need to ensure complete safety and security of your family.

The steps discussed above will ensure that your family is absolutely safe, making life all the more enjoyable and pleasant for you.  These tricks and tips are simple to follow, and if followed rightly, will produce the most delightful outcome, for sure. As such, you will certainly not mind to put effort and time, working on these points. For sure, you are going to get the most delightful outcomes. CWP

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