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Employee and Customer Safety

Things to do during and after a Store Gun Robbery

Robbery can take place in a business store anytime and that can lead to huge loss to an owner who runs the operations. A recent FBI study says that retail stores are the primary target for robberies. Most robberies happen with arms which increase the crime rates.

While some business stores follow certain preventive measures, some others don’t implement them properly. Whether it is an employee or customer, they should know how to protect themselves when a robbery happens in a business store.

Robbers mainly target the cash box in a business store require more protection. However, some may attack employees and customers when they are not able to reach the cash box area which makes the situation very worse. Therefore, it is necessary to handle the situation carefully for avoiding casualties.

This will help to experience peace of mind from potential risks to a large extent. A retail store should focus more on creating a safer environment for staffs and customers in order to control unwanted issues. Another thing is that it makes feasible ways to control crime rates with high success rates.

What employees should do during and after the robbery in a store or business

Employees in a store or business should follow certain things during the robbery and after a robbery in a store or business. A retail store should train the employees effectively to manage the things after a robbery. Below are some tips available for them during the robbery.

Things to do during the robbery

  1. Understanding the objective of robbers
    Employees should listen to robbers to know their demands in detail which will help a lot to understand their objectives. It is advisable not to indulge in any other activities that can result in more problems. They should cooperate with the robbers for avoiding crimes.
  2. Not using weapons
    Employees in a store or business shouldn’t use any weapons against the robbers. This will cause troubles to customers which can result in law and order issue. Hence, it is a wise one not to use any dangerous weapons during the robbery.
  3. Making notes of robbers
    An employee should make a note of robbers such as age, mannerisms, characteristics, tattoo, birthmarks, scars, height, weight, types of clothes worn, jewelry used, speech patterns, accent, and the type of weapons utilized.
  4. Noticing vehicle numbers
    Most robbers use either motorcycles or car vehicles and employees should do certain things when they leave a store. Some of them include registration number, color, make, license numbers and other distinguishing features.
  5. Keeping calm
    The working staffs in a store or business should remain calm during the robbery. Another thing is that they shouldn’t fight with them that can result in risks.
  6. Not making any sudden movements
    Employees shouldn’t indulge in any sudden movements during the robbery because robbers can target them with weapons which result in injuries and other problems.
  7. Not performing any suspicious activities
    It is advisable not to perform any suspicious activities during the robbery which can trigger problems to a large extent. Moreover, customers may face attacks from robbers that will make the situation out of control.
  8. Giving the bait money
    The primary objective of a robber is to steal money from the cash box.  Bait currency is the normal currency which comes with recorded serial numbers. This will help a lot to track them as soon as possible. Employees can give the bait money to robbers when they demand cash from them.
  9. Following the commands of robbers
    Employees should focus on getting the robbers out of a store as quick as possible in order to prevent causalities. Hence, it advisable to hear the commands of robbers and follow them properly for preventing any unwanted issues.
  10. Not indulging in any action
    There are some employees who may perform some actions in order to become a hero among customers. However, it is advisable to avoid them because they can jeopardize the safety of other people including visitors in a store.

Things to do after a robbery          

Employees in a retail store should follow certain things after a robbery that can help to get peace of mind.

  1. Calling police immediately
    It is an important one to call the police immediately after the robbery. The police officers will come to the spot quickly to control the situations with attention. In addition, they will try to collect more details about the robbers from employees to take further actions.
  2. Closing the doors
    Employees shouldn’t allow any new persons into a store and they should close the doors for restricting the entry until the police arrive. This will help a lot to minimize confusions and other problems.
  3. Taking care of injured people
    The working staffs should take care of injured persons after the robbery. They should provide first aid for overcoming complications significantly. Along with that, they should call an ambulance when the injuries are severe.
  4. Activating the alarm
    Employees should activate an alarm system after the robbery for creating awareness about the incident which will help to prevent any unwanted issues.
  5. Asking witnesses to remain until the police arrive
    Employees should ask witnesses to remain in the store until the police arrive. It anyone wants to leave a store, they should collect the names and addresses with attention.
  6. Not allowing others to touch anything
    In most cases, police officers will take the fingerprints of criminals after the robbery. Hence, employees shouldn’t allow other employees and customers to touch anything until the police arrive. Besides that, it is a wise one to prevent anyone from going to areas where robbers have been.
  7. Writing down the description
    The working staffs in a store should write down the description and facts about the robbery which will help in the investigation process.
  8. Stopping the business operations temporarily
    A business store should stop the operations quickly after the robbery.  The employees should display a sign that the business is temporarily closed due to an emergency. This, in turn, gives ways to complete all procedures related to investigation procedures.
  9. Cooperating with investigation officersEmployees should cooperate with investigation officers after the robbery.  In fact, they should assist them in every possible way to identify the robbers with ease.
  10. Not discussing the robbery with others
    The working staffs in a store shouldn’t discuss with others after the robbery. This will help a lot to lower unwanted problems effectively.
  11. Not chasing or following the robbers
    Employees shouldn’t chase or follow the robbers after the robbery and doing so will result in many problems.
  12. Preserving the evidence
    It is necessary to preserve the evidence after the robbery in a store. In addition, it gives ways to solve a case in quick turnaround time.
  13. Intimating the amount of cash stolen
    Employees should tell the exact amount of cash stolen to police officers during the robbery for recording purposes. In addition, it gives ways to retrieve them properly when robbers get arrested by the police.

Worker compensation insurance for employees after a robbery

There are several business stores cover worker’s compensation benefits to employees enabling them to get more protection from injuries. An employee should notify the employer about the crimes and injuries in detail after the robbery that can help to claim compensations without any difficulties.

However, an employer should file the compensation claim as soon as possible after receiving the details from an employee. When employees suffered through a robbery at work, they have a right to get fair treatments after the injuries.

Most states follow a victim’s compensation program to help affected individuals including employees to pay for the bills and other expenses. To qualify for victim compensation funds, one should have some monetary damages. Some employers even provide medical services for employees who suffer from psychological problems.

Customers in a robbery

Sometimes, customers may become the victims of robbery when they visit a business store in a location. Therefore, they should keep certain things in mind during the robbery and after the robbery for eliminating unwanted problems.

Things customers should do during a robbery

  1. Avoiding panic conditions
    In most cases, customers may become panic during the robbery that can affect them in many ways. It is a wise one to manage panic conditions in a store by staying calm which will help to minimize stress and other problems.
  2. Not taking any risks
    Customers should not take any risks during the robbery because that can lead to assaults and firing. They should avoid making any sudden movements and perform overreactions that can result in several problems.
  3. Obeying the commands
    Robbers may order some commands to customers and they should obey them correctly to minimize potential threats. In addition, they should avoid eye contacts with the robbers which can result in various issues.
  4. Not moving from an area immediately              
    Customers shouldn’t leave an area immediately during the robbery in a store. Another thing is that it will help to prevent attacks from robbers significantly.
  5. Not indulging in verbal arguments
    Indulging in verbal arguments with robbers can bring more troubles to customers and they shouldn’t discuss anything with each other during the robbery.
  6. Observing everything
    A customer should observe everything during the robbery which will help to prevent any problems. Apart from that, it gives ways to experience more protection for reducing the risks to a large extent.

Things customers should do after the robbery

  1. Not touching anything
    A customer should avoid touching any objects in robbery areas for taking the finger prints of robbers with ease.
  2. Working with the police officers
    Police officers sometimes need witnesses for the robbery to find the culprits and customers should cooperate with them during the investigation process.
  3. Narrating the incident
    Customers should narrate the robbery incident to concerned authorities after asked by them to do so.
  4. Reporting injuries
    Robbers may attack some customers when they face any threats from them. This will result in injuries and damages that can affect the quality of life. Injured victims should report to a store owner and law enforcement authorities for receiving funds as soon as possible.

How to create a safer environment for employees and customers 

It is the duty of a retail store or business to create a safer environment for both customers and employees for preventing robberies and other things. Retail stores and businesses should implement certain important things that can do major wonders. Some of them include:

  1. Install Security Cameras at your Business

In today’s world, a specific or business owner needs to take the required steps to protect themselves, and their investments. While many go with a complete security system, which is always a good idea, the addition of security cameras can help to record any/all activities that happen in and around a particular location. Security cams are not only created for outdoors use, but are also frequently utilized inside.

When it concerns reasons that you must consider setting up security cameras, listed below are five of the finest:

Security cameras offer constant monitoring of your  business even when you are not there. Let’s face it. There is no chance that you can be 2 places simultaneously. When you are not at work,  security electronic cameras can be your eyes even when you can not be there personally.

If set up at your work security cameras can assist you to see who is outdoors your front door or before opening the door or venturing outside. This is a very essential safety precaution for anybody, whether you work out in the most rural of settings or in the city.

It’s constantly an excellent concept to see who is at your door prior to you open it and if you think someone is hanging outside your business , security cameras can help to either validate or get rid of that issue.

If a theft needs to occur, making use of security video cameras can offer valuable proof to help find guilty the perpetrator and perhaps even recover your taken item(s).

This holds true of both house and business burglaries. In addition, a home or business that is monitored with a security electronic camera might carry more budget-friendly insurance since it is less desirable for bad guys who know they are being monitored. For the specific policy guidelines, contact your local insurance coverage agent.

When used in a business, security electronic cameras can help employers and shopkeeper to keep a close eye on their employees. Tracking of employee actions can assist in a variety of scenarios, consisting of possible employee theft, customer grievances and other matters where video playback may be helpful.

  • Training employees effectively

A retail store should train its employees on how to manage the problems during the robbery and after the robbery that can help prevent crimes.

  • Depositing cash in the banks

A retail store shouldn’t store cash in its place and employees should deposit the same in banks regularly for overcoming unwanted issues. At the same time, it is advisable to follow safety measures while caring the cash to a bank.

  • Not providing any opportunities for robbery

The retail stores should focus more on improving the infrastructure facilities for controlling the robbery. A smarter and discreet approach is to hide a cash drawer from general public view with innovative ideas that can help to reduce the crimes.

  • Building and parking lot security

The retail stores should strengthen their building fencing and parking lot security that could slow a robber’s escape. Some of them include speed bumps, three side fencing, in front parking, and only one exit. All of them will help to reduce the robbery in a store.

  • Seeking police protection

A retail store should seek support from law enforcement authorities for monitoring the movements of robbers carefully. They should make planned and unplanned visits to a store which gives ways to ensure protection from robbers. CWP

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