Do It Yourself Alarm Systems

An alarm system is one of the effective security means that can be deployed to secure your home or property from invasion.

As a homeowner with a tight budget, you might want to go on the do-it-yourself route.

What is an alarm system?

An alarm system is a system designed to detect intrusion, such as unauthorized entry, into a building or homes.

What differentiates the do-it-yourself alarm systems from the professional alarm systems is that you have to install the alarm equipment yourself, while the professional alarm system is installed by a qualified technician from the alarm company.

The professionally installed alarm system is placed on a contract which usually lasts anywhere between two to five years, and the alarm system is connected to the central station for monitoring.

Do-it-yourself alarm system allows you to save a considerable amount of money over time as you are not subjected to any contract.

A do-it-yourself alarm system comes with the necessary equipment to get your home alarm system up and running.

The equipment comprises the alarm panel or base station, contact sensors, glass break detector, indoor motion detector, siren, and alarm decals.

Alarm Panel:

GSM Wireless home security System burglar alarm panel

Alarm panel or base station acts as a central processing unit to the connected sensors and detectors. The alarm panel sounds an alarm if there is an interruption between the contact sensors, and movement on the motion detectors.

The alarm panel also sends a notification alert to your phone, and you will be able to dispatch the first responder to your property, especially if you are away.

Contact Sensors

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The contact sensor detects the opening and closing of the doors and windows, then reports to the alarm panel for prompt alarm action. You will equally get a notification alert when the alarm is triggered.

Glass Break Detector

Does Your Home Need a Glass Break Detector? | Vivint

A glass break detector is a sensor used in electronic burglar alarms that detects if a pane of glass is shattered or broken.

The glass break detector detects when window glass is broken, and trips the alarm panel to sound alarm. The glass break detector should not be more than 25 feet away from the window for effective performance.

A home burglar will consider breaking your window as the next option when they can’t force your door open, and this is why you have to be one step ahead of your home security. 

Indoor Motion Detector

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A motion detector is an electrical device that utilizes a sensor to detect nearby motion. Indoor motion detector device detects movement in your home and trips the alarm panel for action. Place a couple of motion detectors in strategic points in your house to deter burglars.


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A siren is a loud noise-making device. This is a major component of the alarm system; its purpose is to scare off the intruder. Most of the do-it-yourself alarm systems on the market have inbuilt siren, but you can install an additional siren to have a full range of coverage in your home.

Alarm systems such as Ring lets you connect additional siren to the base station via the app.

Alarm Decals

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The alarm sticker is an integral part of the alarm systems, make sure you place them on important windows, doors, and equally stick them in the yard, because it is the first warning sign that an intruder sees.

In Conclusion

Before you buy a do-it-yourself alarm system, make sure you know your requirement, such as the total number of windows and doors that you want to install contact sensors on.

Additionally, you must map out your strategic points to install the motion detectors.

It is recommended to install a smart alarm system that will give you the opportunity to have a seamless communication to the system, via an app on your smartphone. CWP

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