Best Ways To Build Social Sustainability And Its Importance In A Community

In this modern era of technology and hustle, sustainability is the leading factor in development. Low-income countries are thriving to target sustainability by introducing different technical ways.

Sustainability is the constant use of progressive and unique ways to make people’s lives prosper and flourish on the planet earth. So, it’s not easy to maintain the charm of the planet earth using technological ways. But scientists, experts, and environmentalists are taking up their potential to create sustainable societies.

This article will explain a sustainable society and represent how to build a sustainable community!

What Is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development was first introduced after World War I when people suffered a lot. They lost their lives money and got nothing. At this time, world leaders came in front of each other, discussed the reason for exploitation, and developed strategies for the future generation.

Many things came in the field after negotiations. But sustainability was integral to the efficient use of natural resources for the human race. Moreover, it also introduced other environmentally friendly activities without exploiting its grace for future generations to establish an environmentally sustainable society.

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It was the only descriptive solution to all the problems and social issues. Then a framework of sustainability comprising of policies, rules, goals, and objectives was introduced to achieve the objectives of an environmentally sustainable society.

What Is Social Sustainable Development?

Sustainability comprises three important elements in a triangle. The elements are economy, society, and environment as economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Their reciprocals also affect sustainability as extreme poverty, low economy, deforestation, and other environmental factors. These are the social factors and dimensions of an environmentally sustainable society

The three pillars of sustainability

Socially sustainable development focuses on environmental and economic aspects. It is related to the social dimensions of sustainability. But the social aspect of sustainability also describes several other aspects of economic and environmental sustainability as a society comprised of the environment and its economic condition.

So, socially sustainable development covers all other aspects of sustainability. It aims to create healthy and sustainable communities for current and future residents.

Best Ways To Build Social Sustainability

Building a socially sustainable society is not an easy task. It requires comprehending the process of making strategies and then implementing that policy. It played an important role in upgrading the communities in the past. Still, in the 21st century, it is a bit difficult to promote sustainability. Still, experts are always there to make ways for people’s ease.

In 2015 UN experts built 17 interlinked goals to achieve by 2030, also called the 2030 plan as a global future development framework to achieve millennium development goals. These goals seek to describe socially sustainable communities. However, the following are some best ways to achieve sustainable societies.

By lowering extreme poverty

Extreme poverty is a critical and challenging issue that needs social sustainability. And it is mainly concerned in low-income countries and rural areas. The poverty eradication process is gaining pace, but it’s uneven in some Asian and sub-Saharan countries.

Many organizations are developing different policies to end poverty. The 2030 schedule seeks to end poverty in all its dimensions by introducing policies to turn their approaches toward sustainable development. It is a global challenge requiring some bold steps to transform the communities into socially sustainable. Likewise:

  • Rural development and equal distribution of resources are important. Extreme poverty is linked with rural areas and low-income countries, so rural development and social equality are crucial to gaining social development.
  • Introducing decent work opportunities for people and providing quality education will explore the international labor market. It is also essential in social sustainability.
  • Eradicating the gender gap in education can also boost the country’s economy.
  • Investment in industrial infrastructure can lead to poverty eradication.

Basic health system

A good health system ensures the development of a community, which establishes a road map to social development. An ideal healthcare system has always been the foremost priority of respective era. It depends on the social constraints of the health system and is structured to meet the needs of that era respectively.

For instance, the 1930’s health care system cannot combat today’s health problems or pandemics like COVID-19. So, it became evident how a health care system is the key to sustainability and how it changes based on the social dimensions of the health system. Meanwhile, a healthy population is more likely to achieve sustainable growth.

Access To Quality Education

The relationship between quality education and social sustainability is not straightforward. Still, educational opportunities create a roadmap to social sustainability. Now the question is how it adds to social development, and the answer can easily be found by identifying the aims and objectives of education as;

  • Education aims to develop productive skills valuable for a community’s individual to grow in the international or national labor market.
  • It aims to develop personal awareness in the individuals, which is valuable for their flourishment and ultimately for society’s sake.
  • Education cultivates humanistic characteristics in individuals to grow a healthy environment which is meant a lot for social sustainability

So, the aims of education are interlinked and cannot be defined separately, which play an important role in the sustainability of a society.

Equal distribution of resources and gender equality

It is obvious that gender and unequal distribution of resources does not only affect individual growth but also leave strains on the development of the whole community. While gender equality and equal distribution of resources benefit everyone in the community, that is the reason to divert primarily focus towards these two constraints.

Organizations have worked to cope with this issue through rallies and protests throughout history. It is also the era of the need to take some bold steps for its individuals.

Many organizations are working for the education of child girls, poverty eradication, and no hunger drive as part of their social development goals. So it became clear that while building socially sustainable societies, experts should ensure the happiness and prosperity of its individuals irrespective of gender or race.

Ensuring a safe environment

Do you know what does a sustainable community looks like? Social sustainability is about creating resilient and safe societies to ensure the safety of its individuals and their legacy. A safe environment is necessary for a sustainable society.

Furthermore, there cannot be any social development without a safe and secure environment. Experts are taking up in this field by introducing new ways to ensure the prosperity of individuals in their community.

Innovation in industrial infrastructure

Innovation in the infrastructure, especially in policies of industries, is the key to finding a solution to uneven societies and tapping the potential of sustainable societies. Change in the infrastructure can generate employment for youth which can ultimately solve the root problems of communities.

Like poverty eradication, industrial evolution also plays a key role in generating more economy, which helps boost the economy now. It has become evident how these constraints are independent of each other.

Social sustainability is important

The greed of the human race has changed this planet thoroughly while compromising its grace. They keep changing the environmental condition of this planet. In today’s modern era, a class is ruling over another by exploiting their rights and getting more unevenly, ultimately following society’s devastation.

The Triple Bottom Line - Valuing People & Planet As Well As Profit

So in this hour of need, social sustainability is the only way to save humanity and this planet for future generations. The importance of social sustainability can never be neglected as it is the savior of humanity. Here are some points listed below which can comprehensively describe their importance.

  • Focuses on generating employment and money

It is important because it takes care of people and their needs. It promotes different techniques and strategies to improve the lifestyle of individuals. Keep focusing on education; quality education is the vital element of a sustainable society. It promotes valuable skills to boost the economy and self-awareness as the important constraints to a sustainable society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sustainable society?

Many people used to search for what is sustainability and why should we care about it. A sustainable society is one in which creative and technical ways are used to beautify the planet and create an exceptional society for people to live in.

What a sustainable society looks like?

A sustainable society is a peaceful, healthy, and safe place for people to examine prosperity and glorify the planet’s beauty. In a sustainable community, people live in harmony with the natural environment.

What is the 2030 agenda?

In 2015 UN experts built 17 interlinked goals to achieve by 2030, also called the 2030 plan as a global future development framework to achieve millennium development goals. These global development goals and 2030 agenda ensure a healthy, safe, and secure environment with no poverty.

What is the circumference of sustainable development?

Sustainable development is the circumference of five interlinked factors, named as factors of sustainability or integrals. These five pillars of sustainable change include; socio-cultural sustainability, community participation, political cohesion, economic sustainability, and environmental sustainability.

Why should we care about sustainable development?

We should focus on sustainability, or why should we care about sustainability? The reason is the demand 21 century where people are more connected to technology. Technology should balance the natural environment and smart labor in this era.


Sustainability is the crucial and challenging way of saving this planet and its individuals. But it is also an important need of this era, and experts are thriving to get better ways to save this planet. It is easy to make strategies, but it is not straightforward to implement those strategies.

Therefore, building a socially sustainable society requires a strong policy implementation system. So, before you make a strategy to build a sustainable society, you must develop the methodology to implement these strategies! CWP

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