Best Safety Tips for Young Women

Are You Familiar With Your Surroundings?

girl in trouble best safety tips for womenA lot of us get so involved our every day lives that we become unaware of our surroundings. No one ever believes crime is going to occur to them. It’s out there … do not let yourself get to comfortable.

In the USA, every two minutes a female is being raped.

Study exposed that 50% of Canadian females have experienced an event of sexual assault or physical violence.

In Australia, 19% of women aged 18 to 24 experienced an act of violence in the last year.
Data reveal that one in every four females in America will be sexually attacked in her life time.

This is SHOCKING data!

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If you are a woman, here is a list of 10 simple things that you can do immediately that will increase your security:

– Do not wear exposing clothes in public places. Doing so will ensure that you draw in a lot of attention, including attention from those individuals with wicked intent. Be discrete and leave intriguing wear to those times when you can delight in the intimacy of your partner.

– Trust your impulses. Women are extremely instinctive. Then it most likely is, if you believe a situation might be dangerous. That little guardian angel should be trusted instead of ignored.

– Rape and other sexual attack is always increasing. In case of the worst result use your fingernails to gouge your assaulter’s cheek. It marks him for recognition and you will have DNA under your nails.

– Drive your automobile in a polite manner. No one values rude hand indications. Remember – eventually you have to stop, even if it is to refuel. Psycho cases might follow you for many miles “just to teach you a lesson” – all since you made yourself a target to their twisted minds.

– Drinking extreme quantities of alcohol, taking mind leaving and altering drugs ANY food or drink unattended where it may be tampered with is a dish for catastrophe. Give your self an even possibility.

– NEVER pick up hitch-hikers and ABSOLUTELY NEVER hitch-hike yourself.

– If you live alone ensure that your mail is addressed by just your first initial followed by your surname. Never ever allow mail to be dealt with to you with salutations like Miss, Mrs, Ms or with your christian or provided name. Those parcels and letters pass lots of eyes prior to they get to you. Modification them. Make them nondescript regarding your sex and marital status. Why permit anyone even one additional shred of details about you?

– NEVER walk alone at night or at any time in separated locations. Predators like these locations. Prevent them.

– Many sexual acts are devoted by individuals who the victims knew – or, a minimum of, thought they understood! Be polite and friendly by all ways however be vigilant for tell-tale indications of “odd” habits. Do NOT flirt. Be firm about any unwanted attention, especially in the work place.

– Sexual attack is usually preceded by some visual sign, which is normally preceded by some spoken approach prior to the physical action. Acknowledge the series: the appearance – the talk – the attack.

There are numerous methods to secure yourself … possibly discovering with a self-defense training video, carrying a hassle-free sized stun weapon or concealable pepper spray. CWP

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John Young

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  1. Lauren Hovde says:

    As a young women myself, I find some of these tips helpful, like trusting my impulses, however, I believe that no matter what clothing a woman wears, or what type of activities she engages in, she deserves to be respected.

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