Bedroom Community: What are they? how do they work?

What is a Bedroom Community

Generally a suburb of a larger city that is much quieter and laid back. Mostly single family homes where people turn in to bed early with no late night activity you may find in a larger cities.

People living in a bedroom community perform their important professional and personal activities somewhere else (in another location); they only use the bedroom community as a place to come home and relax.

Evolution Of Bedroom Community

The bedroom communities were established when the Americans started to move into the suburbs, right after World War II.

During the 1970s, the United States of America became a “suburban nation”, further followed by the fact that most people had automobiles, but they opt to live as near to far from the places they work, as per their wish.

During the era between 1946 and 1964, the families grew at a certain pace, and their necessities changed.

They wanted to shift and get away from the urban area where there was plenty of air pollution, and the crime rate was also high.

They wanted to migrate to areas with well-established gardens and good schools for their children.

What Are The Benefits Of Living In A Bedroom Community?

On a general scale, bedroom communities are affordable as compared to houses in big cities. When you buy a home in a bedroom community, you will get more space at a lower cost.

The residents describe a better quality of life in bedroom communities. Some benefits of living in a bedroom community are discussed below:

  • The cost is low as compared to that of living in a big city
  • Bedroom communities have a lower crime rate. The big cities have a higher crime rate, especially violent crimes.
  • Bedroom communities are a great place to raise families and enjoy a night out.

Drawbacks Of Living In A Bedroom Community

To live in a bedroom community, you have to pay a certain price, but living there also brings a set of benefits for you, but the struggle for living in a bedroom community is real. Here is how it can be challenging

  • People living in a bedroom community get less time to enjoy their lives.
  • Bedroom communities only have some primary shopping areas where you can head towards the mall or a specialty store located in another town. Shopping is a hard thing.
  • There are very few chances to visit your family or friends on a regular basis.
  • Bedroom communities are very quiet, and they can be tiring for a person because there is no particular activity to perform in a bedroom community.

What Is An Upscale Bedroom Community?

An Upscale bedroom community is a commuter town where the suburbs are developed.

It contains a few local businesses while most of the people in an upscale bedroom community have jobs outside the residential area.

Rural areas and worker towns frequently harmonize, however are not interchangeable. Like school town, resort town and factory town, the term suburbanite town depicts the district’s dominating financial capacity.

A suburb, interestingly, is a network of lesser size, thickness, political force as well as business relative to a close by network that is normally of more noteworthy financial significance.

A town’s monetary capacity may change, for instance when improved vehicle carries workers to mechanical rural areas or railroad towns looking for rural living.

A few rural areas, for instance Teterboro, New Jersey and Emeryville, California, stayed modern when they got encompassed by worker towns; numerous suburbanites work in such mechanical rural areas however few dwell in them; thus, they are not worker towns.

When in doubt, rural areas are created in territories contiguous a fundamental work place, for example, a town or a city, however might possibly have numerous occupations locally, while room networks have scarcely any nearby organizations, and most occupants who have employments drive to business focuses some separation away.

Worker towns might be in provincial or semi-country territories, with a ring of green space isolating them from the bigger city or town. Where endless suburbia and conurbation have deleted clear lines among towns and urban communities in enormous metropolitan zones, this isn’t the situation.

What Is The Difference Between An Exurb And A Suburb?

Living in a city is always a big deal for different people, especially for the ones who are working in a downtown core or who like to live in a place that is the center of the attraction.

Living in urban centers is a bit expensive as compared to houses located outside the cities.

Most of the people opt to live outside the city due to a variety of reasons and the most important among them is the price.

The biggest difference between an exurb and a suburb is their location.

Suburbs are the ones who are located just outside the city while the exurbs are those who are located far away from the city and the suburbs.

Living in a city is expensive and frustrating as well, mainly for those people who hate extra noise and traffic. If you live outside the city, you will get different advantages.

As houses are affordable and you get more space than urban housing. This is the reason why families prefer to live in exurbs and suburbs.

An exurb is an area that is located outside the city and the metropolitan areaA suburb is a residential area located on the edge of a large town or a city
It is located just outside the cityIt is located far more away than the city and exurbs
Exurb does not feature facilities like restaurants, malls, etc., as the city.Suburbs have access to all the premium features located in the city.
Houses are situated at a noticeable distance from each other Houses are bigger and have a lot of spaceHouses are built close to each other. Houses are a bit smaller and do not feature that much space
Exurbs do not have facilities like municipal services such as water and garbage collectionSuburbs have access to municipal services like garbage and water collection.
Exurb do not have good educational institutesSuburbs feature good quality schools as they are close to the city


This was all about a bedroom community, and there are several advantages and disadvantages of living in one. But if you cannot arrange a living in the city for yourself, then bedroom communities are a good option for you. CWP

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