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Should Kids Talk to Strangers?

Introduction Whether children should talk to strangers or not has been a subject of debate for a long time. Talking to strangers has its advantages and drawbacks and the parents need to take a balanced view of it. Children are … Continue reading

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Child Safety – How To Use “Code Words” Effectively

Did you know that there is a 1 in 42 chance that YOUR child will become lost, missing, or abducted? In other words … those are not odds in your favor! To many people have become very complacent about child … Continue reading

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Thieves Outsmarting Smart Customers with New Scams

No longer do thieve simply stroll up and choose your pocket for a credit card – or blatantly send you an e-mail trying to get you to divulge your individual monetary info. Now, they’re farming for details from customers who … Continue reading

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Stalker Stalkers

There is an epidemic of crime going on around us. And it’s an epidemic that is invisible and happening in homes all around your community quietly so that nobody knows its happening. It’s a crime that will take the dedication … Continue reading

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Keep Christmas Safe For Your Family

When someone says Christmas, the large bulk of individuals envision happiness, family time, provides, snow or other pleasant things. But during this period we’re likewise surrounded by a great deal of decor, lights and electronic devices that might trigger unnecessary … Continue reading

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