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Crime: Trends and Jurisdiction Generally speaking, a crime is an unlawful act which is punishable by a state or other authority under the prevailing laws. There has been an increase in the number of criminal activities reported across the world … Continue reading

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Kid Proofing Your Home: In a grownup friendly way

A variety of excellent tools and products are on the market to help make your home as safe as can be for your new infant. By the time child is 6 months old, he will likely to exploring the house … Continue reading

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Why That Chipcard May Not Be As Safe As You Think

Among the terrific things we were outlined the replacement of magnetic strips with wise chips (chipcards) on our debit and credit cards was that it would significantly enhance security. But has it? The flaw with those old black magnetic strips … Continue reading

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Brief details about arson crimes Looking at the different kinds of crimes and their associated with reasons, it is important to have a clear understanding of arson crimes before going into the details. It will help us in having a … Continue reading

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Robbery is the crime of attempting to take or taking anything of value by putting the victim in fear, or by force or threat of force. Robbery, according to common law, is taking someone else’s property by means of fear … Continue reading

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