Anchorage, like each of the FBI’s local field offices, has a community outreach program that complements and strengthens our many efforts to protect you, your businesses, and your families in concrete ways through a range of activities and initiatives. Our program works to address interrelated societal problems—including crime, drugs, gangs, and violence—in support of the Bureau’s investigative mission.

Recognizing the interdependency of children, parents, other adults, community groups, businesses, schools, social services, and health services, the FBI focuses its community outreach efforts on three primary areas: the community, the schools, and the workplace.

Our recent activities include:

Citizens’ Academy

outreach evidence group

The Citizens’ Academy is a stimulating six-week program that gives business, religious, civic, and community leaders an inside look at the FBI. The Anchorage Division hosts a session each spring and fall. Past graduates have included a former governor of Alaska, the president and CEO of a telephone company, the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, the deans of a university’s College of Business and Public Policy and Engineering, and the owner of a famous local restaurant and coffee companies.

During each weekly session, we present overviews of our investigative programs, which are followed by class discussions about the program and corresponding current events. The Academy also provides insight into the FBI’s history, jurisdiction, forensic capabilities, and extensive training programs. In addition, participants experience hands-on firearms training and evidence crime scene collection. Each session is conducted by FBI executives, senior special agents, and program managers.

Citizens’ Academy students during a presentation
After graduation, participants remain involved through special events and are informed about current law enforcement issues. Graduates are then invited to join the Anchorage’s Citizens’ Academy Foundation for additional training and networking activities. Currently, FBI Anchorage Citizens’ Academy graduates have formed a non-profit foundation and can be found online and on Facebook.

We are now accepting applications from civic, business, and community leaders for our next Citizens’ Academy. The class size will be limited to 20 individuals. Candidates are nominated by FBI employees and former Citizens’ Academy graduates and selected by executive management at the Anchorage FBI. For more information, see the Alaska Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association website.

Director’s Community Leadership Award

On March 19, in Washington, D.C., we awarded our annual [Director’s Community Leadership Award] to [Covenant House Alaska].
In a ceremony at FBI Headquarters, Ms. Robin Bronen accepted the Director’s Community Leadership Award on behalf of the Alaska Immigration Justice Project, which provides critical services and assistance to immigrants and refugees in Alaska. Founded in 2005, the AIJP provides critical services and assistance to immigrants and refugees in Alaska. It is the only agency in the state dedicated to protecting the human rights of these immigrants.

Other Ongoing Efforts


Volunteers from the Anchorage Division work with Big Brothers Big Sisters as in-school mentors for children. In a partnership between the FBI’s Adopt-a-School program and the Anchorage School District Business Partnership, the Anchorage Division adopted William Tyson Elementary School in the neighborhood of Mountain View. The FBI Big Brothers Big Sisters in-school mentors are assigned to Tyson. Anchorage Division personnel also volunteer with activities and provide support to the school and its students.

Weed ‘n Seed

The Anchorage Division is an active supporter of the Department of Justice “Weed ‘n Seed” program in Northeast Anchorage. Weed ‘n Seed works to combat violent crime, drug trafficking, and drug-related crime in targeted areas and to provide a safe environment where residents can live, work, and raise a family. The program increases social services and neighborhood revitalization efforts to prevent and deter further crime. The Anchorage Division uses its Safe Streets Task Force, a multi-agency law enforcement group, to support Weed ‘n Seed initiatives. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Anchorage is responsible for the oversight of the program in Alaska.

Other efforts include:

Meeting with minority groups and civic organizations to talk about what the FBI can do with them and for them and hosting town hall meetings as needed to dialogue on key issues;
Sending our special agents and others from the FBI into schools, businesses, and civic meetings to explain emerging crime and security threats and to provide specific advice on how to prevent being victimized by these threats;
Supporting the graduates of our Citizens’ Academies, who often band together in local alumni chapters to create crime prevention programs and other initiatives that benefit communities;
Serving on committees and boards for businesses, schools, community groups, and social and health services and launching drives to bring food, gifts, and toys to the less fortunate during the holidays and other times of the year;
Encouraging citizens to step forward to report crime and serve as witnesses in court;
Participating in “Red Ribbon Week,” which educates kids and adults alike on the dangers of drugs and alcohol and encourages them to wear red ribbons as a sign of their commitment to stay drug free; and
Partnering with the American Football Coaches Association and its National Child Identification Program to distribute Child ID kits at football games and other events.

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