Analyzing crime prevention

As much as law enforcement equipment is important in everyday running duties of every law enforcement personnel, that much is crime analysis an important equipment for law enforcement departments in preventing crime.

What is crime analysis? This is the ability of law enforcement that has to do with the systematic analysis for analyzing and identifying trends, patterns in crime. It’s used to proffer solutions to problems relating to crime and also help in formulating strategic crime prevention.

It occurs at various levels like strategic, tactical and operational. Crime analysts make use of different reports like arrest reports, calls for service and crime reports, and then peruse them to discover patterns, trends or series and they often forecast future occurrences just by analyzing the data they have collected. One of the core objectives of law enforcement is the prevention of crime. Some of the objectives of crime analysis include reducing disorder, prevent crime, evaluate organizational procedures, and apprehend criminals.

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Crime analysis can be divided into five and they are tactical crime analysis, administrative crime analysis, intelligence analysis, strategic crime analysis and criminal investigative analysis.

Intelligence analysis has to with the study of structured criminal activity which is also used in helping sworn personnel in the identification of networks and also in the apprehension of people in order to prevent criminal activities. Profiling criminal investigative analysis has to do with the study of serial criminals, crime scenes, victims, psychological, socio-demographic, geographical traits in developing patterns that will help in solving and connecting current criminal activities.

The third one being tactical crime analysis concentrates on information from recently reported crimes to the police, study characteristics like where, how and when the activity happened. Strategic analysis is primarily made up of quantitative analysis of aggregate data. It concentrates on crime, law enforcement information that is integrated with spatial and sociology-demographic factors in determining long-term patterns of activity. Lastly, administrative crime analysis, this crime analysis is different from the rest because it is more of a presentation of findings instead of research or statistical analysis. The core objective this crime analysis is deciding how and what to present the information discovered.

Analysis depends heavily on computer technology. There are three important types of storage systems and data collection required for the analysis of crime and they include geographical data systems, records management systems (RSM), and computer-aided dispatch.

The computer-aided dispatch is a heavy specialized system that uses geographic display and telecommunications to support response functions and police dispatch. Records management system (RMM) is storage and data entry system specifically designed for police records. Its objective is to record all important data within the police agency which may include separate databases like arrest reports, crime reports, property and evidence information, information of persons, vehicle information, investigations, field information, accident reports and calls for service. Geographic data system maintains stores and as well creates geographic data.

To cap it all, crime analysis is used to look for broad meaningful informational data and then update the officers and investigators assist their efforts in apprehending criminals and as well stop criminal activity from happening. CWP   By Mary Cotton

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