About Us

About Us

William Smithson was a patrol security officer for 30 years and wanted to find a way to continue to help his community. He noticed that the people in his neighborhood had great concern about the growing crime around them in the community.

As a security officer he spent a lot of time working with Neighborhood Community Watch programs studying ways to make them work better. In 2011 he along with some concern friends put together Community Watch Paper to bring additional information to people with neighborhood community safety concerns.

Our goal is helping people get more involved in their neighborhood & community watch programs, and learning about different types of crime, new scams, personal & family security.

We at Community Watch Paper write many different blogs on subjects regarding family safety and about things that are prevailing in our communities. We try to give helpful information about the subjects to help people know about and handle different types of problems that will arrive in communities. We know that a lot of things we talked about could be considered very controversial.

When you have so many people with different political viewpoints it can be difficult to write blogs about such sensitive subjects. But we try not to be biased and research the information from many different sources of different opinions. We try to include references with all of our blogs so things we say can be cross reference.

Since we are ex-police and security we do have a great deal of respect for law enforcement and the job they do. But we do know that there are some sometime problems with the system and some of the people involved in the system, something we do mention in our blogs.

If you ever have anything you would like to add to Community Watch Paper that you feel is important for people to know about please let us know.

Community Watch Paper Team

John Young – Over 20 years working with and organizing neighborhood watch programs as a police officer. Study in Criminal Justice East Tennessee State University – Johnson City, TN

William Smithson – 30 years working as a neighborhood patrol security officer supervisor for neighborhoods in Los Angeles & San Diego counties. Business Degree from Cal State Northridge- Northridge CA

Maria Hernandez – Inner city social worker for 25 years, Study in Sociology from University of California – Riverside CS

Tyrone Hamilton – Inner city Community organizer 15 years Study in Criminal Justice Joliet Junior College – Joliet IL