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Toxic people surround us all. Being toxic is very customary in our society. Toxic people cause much trouble and become the reason behind almost every conflict. Our society is crowded with toxic people, our offices, friends, in a relationship, and our family. Some various negative feelings and emotions make your life chaotic.

To walk away from toxic people is not a solution if you want to get rid of such kinds of people. We have to face them and properly deal with them.

You might lose your temperament and freak out while dealing with them; it is totally fine because dealing with toxic people is not easy. We will discuss seven smart ways to easily deal with toxic people in society.

What’s a toxic person?

There is no proper scientific definition that defines toxic people. Being toxic is not a mental disorder, but some mental disorder is the underlying cause of toxicity. A mental disorder like a personality disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder could be the possible reason for this behavior.

In very simple words, the toxic person is one whose negative behavior adds stress and unpleasantness to your life. It is tough to find out that the person is toxic; at first, people get confused, wonder why this person is being so rude, and get hurt.

Don’t react to toxic people once you find out that the person around you is toxic. They will never accept that they are toxic; you should be with them calmly. The smart ways to deal with toxic people will be discussed below.

Signs of toxic people:

There are various signs that the person is toxic whose behavior could be considered toxic.

They will manipulate:

One of the biggest signs of toxic people is extremely manipulative. Being manipulative is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship. A toxic partner will want you to do the things they want only. When you are around them, you will like you owe them something. They will talk in a very pathetic way which will hurt you.

Toxic people do not know how to stop being toxic and manipulative because this is part of their nature. Anyone cannot change, but you should learn how to deal with them.

They are judgmental:

They are very judgmental towards other people. Judging a person by their mistakes is awful, but toxic people do this frequently. If you have made any mistake, toxic people will make sure you know it.

They will criticize you often in front of everyone in a very rude tone. A toxic person will never use an abusive word, but their toxic tone will decay your life. If any toxic person surrounds you, they will disgrace you but do not feel bad because we all get it wrong sometimes, and nobody has the right to judge us.

They never apologize:

Toxic people want to be right all the time, even if they are wrong. The toxic person will never apologize. These kinds of people always like to be the victim. They know how to twist the story, to get the attention and sympathy of others.

They will create full drama and do every possible thing to blame others. If you live with a toxic person, get ready to be guilty all time until you know how to deal with them.

They are inconsistent:

Toxic people will keep you guessing about their feeling. One day they will be the sweetest person, and the other day they will be the worst. Their attitude and behavior are not constant. If something is not according to their demand, their mood will change.

Behavior, but they also do not even have a constant perspective. Their perspective and decision keep changing depending on what they feel they need to accomplish.

They exaggerate:

It is not easy to win an argument with toxic people. They will always define themselves by saying “you have never” or “you always have.” This kind of conversation will hurt you, so try not to get into an argument like this.

Other signs of recognizing toxic people is:

  • They would not own their feeling.
  • They take irrelevant details while you are having a serious conversation.
  • They will criticize you in your crisis.
  • They will never share your joy and make you feel unhappy.
  • They will leave the conversation unfinished; they will get offline without completing the conversation if you are on the text.
  • They will make you prove yourself to them.

Seven smart ways to deal with toxic people in society:

After knowing the signs of toxic people, it’s time to learn how to deal with toxic people because it is really important to deal with them correctly. Here are seven smart ways to deal with toxic people.

Be blunt:

We stay quiet to avoid difficult talk with a toxic person most of the time. Running away from the toxic person is not a way out; you should speak up and talk for the right thing. Being blunt is the best way to deal with the manipulative person.

Never appreciate their toxic behavior. Always speak for yourself. People wonder how to deal with a toxic living situation; the answer is blunt!

Put yourself first:

Supporting your toxic friend is not bad. Put yourself first if you are helping him get out of the bad situation and deal with the traumatic event. Never offer support on the risk of your well-being. Support your friend or a toxic person if you have the energy to deal with the mess.

Say NO:

Another way to deal with a toxic person is by saying no to them. Toxic people always want you to do the things they want, but you have to say bluntly no. the things that make you uncomfortable don’t want to say no to them. At once, you will hesitate, but the more you say no, the easier it becomes.

Set boundaries:

“Boundaries are essential,” says Susskind. Set the boundaries to clarify what you will tolerate and which you will not. Once you have set boundaries, the other person will know the thing he can expect from you. Stop taking part in his conversation with others ignore him.

Maintain calm:

While dealing with toxic people, you may lose your temperament. Always remember one thing that is dealing with toxicity is not easy. You have to stay calm because your mental health is also important.

Work with the therapist:

Contact a mental health professional. If you are interacting with a toxic person, consider getting help from a therapist. Therapists are well-trained and will help you deal with the toxic person calmly. Your mental health should be your priority.

Please don’t take their toxic behavior to be okay

The toxic people can often get over your nerves if you don’t take care. Always be calm and treat them in the best possible ways. And never show that their hurtful behavior is just okay. It is why you are giving them a treat for their hurtful behavior. It can keep you disturbed in the long run!


Can a toxic person make you physically sick?

Yes, Toxic people can make you physically sick. They make us feel helpless, anxious, hopeless, stomach aches, trigger headaches, and many other diseases.

How to respond to toxic friends?

If you have found out you have a toxic friend, start ignoring him and draw a line. Tell them the thing that makes you feel uncomfortable. Bluntly say no to the things you don’t like. Never tolerate their manipulative behavior.

How to stop being toxic?

If you feel that your behavior is also toxic, try to get rid of toxicity as soon as possible. Start talking to people who are close to your heart. Check your behavior and be aware. Be a good listener; if someone tells you something good, you should listen to him calmly.

Let your ego. Think for some before reacting instead of reacting immediately. It is not bad to work on yourself if you find out that you start being toxic. If all of the things do not work, ask for help.

Can toxic people change?

“Toxic people can change,” Kennedy says. If a toxic person wants to change themself, they can. At first, it will be difficult for them to change, but if they are motivated enough, they will change. They have to accept their mistake and learn through them. Once they start working on their toxic behavior, they will change.


Many people do not take toxicity seriously, but it will make you mentally and physically sick. Toxic people are very common in our society. You must have found any of them in your office, school, workplace, family, or friend. They will ruin your mental and physical health if you don’t know how to deal with them.

All the possible ways are mentioned above to deal with them. Stay calm and be patient while dealing with them. Never allow toxicity to take place in your life. Their rude tone, toxic langue, and pathetic behavior are not bearable, and we have to tell them this bluntly. Once you have learned how to deal with toxic people, you will start living a happy life.  CWP

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