March 2017

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Community Policing & Neighborhood Watch
Efficient partnerships between police and community stakeholders are vital to public safety, and it is very important that government agencies, community groups, nonprofits, organizations, and civilians all welcome public safety and security as a common duty. Police and also community members have to develop positive working partnerships in order to develop enduring services and boost trust between the public and the police.

In many communities, police officers network to establish partnerships between residents and the law enforcement agency. Community-oriented policing seeks to address the causes of crime and to reduce fear of social disorder through problem-solving strategies and police- community partnerships. Typically, it involves a greater use of foot and bicycle patrols and frequent meetings with community groups.  CWP
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Memorial Site for Our Nations Fallen Officer (click here)

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the girl child is playing in a laptop surprised on gray backgrNewest blog this month on safety & security, help protect your family.
Talk or not to talk: Kids talking to strangers
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no scams abstract conceptDefrauding people or entities of money or valuables. New scams this month, don't get ripped off!
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Top identity theft tactics (click here)

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_______________________________________________________ Learning and understanding of different types of crime. Check new blogs this month (click here). You’ll gain universe information of the explanations for and consequences of crime and the manner society responds.

the girl child is playing in a laptop surprised on gray backgrCrime victims, know your rights
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Checkout This Month's Crazy Crimes
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Granny and granddaughter playing puzzleThis month's online family fun Jiggsaw Puzzle, try your skills!
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Community Oriented Policing Services   (click here)


Woman signs a PetitionWhat other neighborhood watch are doing this month, helpful stories
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This Month's featured self defense videos

Moves for every woman Women self defense tips


This month's featured family safety videos

Cyber threats to family safety Infant CPR and family safety


This month's featured Crooks robbing the wrong people

Gun store owner opens fire Try To rob undercover cop


The better we know our communities, the better we can protect them.

Hat FBIThe Community Outreach Program plays an important role in the FBI’s broader efforts to improve the understanding of the communities and the threats they face. They invite you to learn about community partnerships, citizens academies, and mentoring programs.
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isolated white houseNextdoor

Nextdoor permits communities to easily create private websites to help with communication amongst next-door neighbors and build more powerful neighborhoods. Nextdoor was created based on the idea that the community is among the most important and helpful communities in a person's life. Nextdoor's objective is to utilize technology to help neighbors construct more powerful and much safer neighborhoods.(Click here)


wireless_amber_Sign-up to receive AMBER Alert text messaging on your cell phone. Protecting children from abduction and locating those who have been abducted is the twofold purpose of AMBER Alerts. They increase the number of people who can help locate an abducted child or deter predators, and they have caused perpetrators to release the abducted child after hearing or seeing the AMBER Alert. Remember, those first three hours are everything to that child and family. (Click Here)

Crime Mapping is dedicated to helping law enforcement agencies provide the public with valuable information about crime activity by neighborhood. You can see were crimes have been reported in your area or anywhere in the country. Check out this powerful tool! (Click Here) 
SpotCrime   It supplies all over the country crime details about arrests, arsons, attacks, break-ins, break-ins, shootings, burglaries and criminal damages, on a Google map. The criminal activity data is mainly from authorities departments, news reports and also user-generated material. Anyone can access these maps and have the choice to register to receive totally free crime alerts by means of e-mail and also content (SMS). The e-mail sharp consists of a map as well as crime information that has actually occurred in the defined location..    (Click Here)
sex oCriminal Check is a FREE National Sex Offender database site on the web that searches all states (and the District of Columbia) for locations of sex offender. Go to: You can also check out __________________________________________________________
The Internet Crime Complaint Center was established as a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) to serve as a means to receive Internet related criminal complaints and to further research, develop, and refer the criminal complaints to federal, state, local, or international law enforcement and/or regulatory agencies for any investigation they deem to be appropriate.                                              (Click-here-to-report-a-internet-scam) _______________________________________________________________
   crime stopper logo
 Crime Stoppers provides a means of communication for members of the public to anonymously provide law enforcement agencies with information on crimes or suspects. Tipster can give information without revealing their identity and may be eligible for a financial reward for the information they provide. (Click Here)

American lawCourt System Help Find US courts, jails, prisons, police departments, sheriffs, and district attorneys, including addresses, hours, phone numbers, and services. (Click Here)


Community Emergency Response Teams is reparing communities for emergencies. Following a major disaster, first responders who provide fire and medical assistance will not be able to immediately meet all of the demands for their services. The Program provides for community self-sufficiency in order to meet the general public's urgent life saving and sustenance needs until emergency personnel arrive  (Click-Here) 

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