Kids in Robbery Situation Tips

Here is a list of questions about what a kid will do in a robbery. These are things you should go over with your kids for their safety if the awful ever happens.

– What if they are asking me for something I can not provide? 

Your best bet is to claim something similar to this: "Sir, I am afraid I don't have/understand what you are requesting." Show what you do have, to make it clear that you're concealing absolutely nothing.

– If I am house alone and also I listen to noises, should I call my moms and dads or simply keep still?

You should not call your moms and dads; you need to call the cops. And also don't keep still; you should quickly but quietly find a hiding place as well as stay there. Remember to take deep breaths as well as keep one's cool.

– What should I do if burglar directs a gun at me and also gives me orders?

Simply remain calm and also follow their orders without any looks, suggesting, or added words. Do exactly what they claim. If you do anything various, they could suspect that you are mosting likely to report them and hurt you– or even worse.

– Suppose there are two or more robbers? Won't the details I bear in mind get jumbled up?

If the burglars appear to look comparable, take mental notes only on the similarities, not the distinctions. Likewise, remember that with your information, the authorities will certainly more than likely take issues right into their very own hands.

– Ought to I call out 'MOM!' or something comparable when I hear a robber?

If your mama neighbors, most likely. Or if you can text your moms and dads instead, yes. However if you are concealing and also the robbers are also close, they will certainly hear you as well as find you. Take deep breaths and also know that this will certainly all more than with soon. Know that you will make it out to life and unscathed. Robbers normally do not want to harm, just rob.

– Suppose they try to harm me?

State they could take whatever they want and also ensure you do not fight back. Additionally take a look at their faces as well as make certain they are definitely out of the house prior to you call the cops.

– What can I do if a robber is attempting to abduct me?

Initially, refuse. After that, if that doesn't function, strike them where it harms as well as RUN! Run to the closest home window or door and also run for a next-door neighbor.

– What happens if the area was robbed and also I'm the very first one ahead to the scene?

Do not touch anything. Leave as well as call the cops promptly. The cops have special tools to identify fingerprints or DNA.

– What if the burglar wishes to take me elsewhere?

Do not let him take you. The majority of murders happen at a secondary area. Kick him where it counts as well as escape promptly!

– When should I call the police during a burglary?

NEVER EVER call the police while the robber is in your house. The most safe time to call the cops seeks the burglars are gone, since the burglars JUST want your things, not to kill or harm you. Or, if you could creep outdoors to a refuge (like a next-door neighbor's house), go there as well as call the cops. CWP

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